Trippetts Challenge ready to start at Cowdray Park Polo Club

The Trippetts Challenge, one of the most significant tournaments of the season in England, is due to start on Monday May 9, at Cowdray Park Polo Club, set in Midhurst, West Sussex.

The tournament will see four teams up to 22 goals, compete, in lineups that will feature some of the biggest names within the sport, such as Pablo MacDonough, Guuillermo Caset, Facundo Sola, Alfredo Cappella, as well as young sensations, Lukin Monteverde and Bartolomé Castagnola Jr., who will play together with UAE.

The order of play of the opening day, Monday May 9, is as follows:

11am: Marqués de Riscal vs. Murus Sanctus.

2pm: UAE vs. La Magdeleine.

The final of the Trippetts Challenge is set to be played on Sunday May 15.


Marqués de Riscal: Alejandro Aznar 0, Santiago Cernadas 7, Guillermo Caset 9, Santiago Laborde 7. Total: 22.

Murus Sanctus: Corinne Ricard 0, Marcos Araya 6, Facundo Sola 8, Alfredo Cappella 8. Total: 22.

UAE: HH Sheikha Maitha 0, Lukin Monteverde 6, Bartolomé Castagnola Jr. 9, Tomás Beresford 7. Total: 22.

La Magdeleine: Alexandre Garese 0, Oliver Cudmore 6, Pablo MacDonough 9, Tomás Fernández Llorente 7. Total: 22.


Monday May 9

11am: Marqués de Riscal vs. Murus Sanctus

2pm: UAE vs. La Magdeleine

Thursday May 12

11am: UAE vs. Murus Sanctus

2pm: Marqués de Riscal vs. La Magdeleine

Sunday May 15

1pm: Subsidiary final

3pm: Trippetts Challenge Final

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