USPA Continental Tour goes ahead in Wellington

The USPA Continental Cup, the second leg of the Wellington Polo Tour, is underway in Wellington, United States,. The tournament sees ten teams up to 16 goals, compete, and action is hosted at Valiente, Tonkawa, Patagones, Santa Clara, SD Farms, and Equuleus.

The final of the USPA Continental Cup is set to be played on Saturday, March 12.

USPA Continental Cup – Early results:

Dundas 11-10 G-Square

Hawaii Polo Life 12-10 Loudmouth 

Equuleus 9-7 Slava

Santa Clara 12-9 Palm Beach Equine

Patagones 9-8 Tonkawa

G-Squared 14-10 Loudmouth

The USPA Continental Cup will resume on Thursday February 24:

10am: Dundas vs Santa Clara, en Valiente. 


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