USPA Gold Cup: Quarter finals already set

Tamera and La Elina secured their spots in the quarter finals of the USPA Gold Cup, the second leg of The Gauntlet of Polo, at International Polo Club Palm Beach, en Wellington, Florida, following their respective wins in the last league games, on Tuesday March 15.

In the first match, Tamera (received two goals on handicap) hold La Fe scoreless during three chukkas to claim a 13-10 win. Meanwhile, La Elina battled back in the third chukka to defeat Cessna (received three goals on handicap and had Alejandro Novillo Astrada subbing in for his injured brother Miguel), by a 14-9 score.

Therefore, the lineups who qualified to play the quarter finals, on Saturday March 19 and Sunday March 20 are La Elina, Park Place, Old Hickory Bourbon/Airstream, Tamera, Pilot, Dutta Corp/Show +, Coca Cola y Scone.

The USPA Gold Cup sees thirteen teams, up to 22 goals, compete. The final will be played on Sunday, March 27.



Tamera: Alejandro Poma 1 (2 goals), Segundo Saravi 4 (5), Diego Cavanagh 9 (3). Cristian Laprida 8 (2). Total: 22.

La Fe: Robi Bilbao 5 (4 goals), Lucas Díaz Alberdi 6 (1), Francisco Elizalde 9 (3), Louis Devaliex 0. Total: 20.

Score Tamera: (0-2) 3-4, 6-4, 9-4, 12-4, 12-6, 13-10.


La Elina: Leo Mandelbaum 2, Nachi Viana 4 (2 goals), Sapo Caset 10 (7), Jared Zenni 6 (5) Total: 22.

Cessna: Will Johnston 2 (1 goal), Edward Campbell 2 (1), Alejandro Novillo Astrada 9*, Raúl Colombres 8 (3 goles). Total: 21.

*Subbed in for Miguel Novillo Astrada.

Score La Elina: (0-3) 4-5, 6-5, 9-6, 12-7, 13-7, 14-9.

The order of play of the quarter finals of the USPA Gold Cup is the following:

Saturday March 19

10am: La Elina vs. Park Place

Sunday March 20

10am: Old Hickory Bourbon/Airstream vs. Tamera

12pm: Pilot vs. Dutta Corp/Show+

3pm: Coca Cola vs. Scone

USPA Gold Cup – Teams & Fixture


Tamera vs. La Fe

La Elina vs. Cessna

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