“We are very excited with the possibility to win”

Adolfo Cambiaso is undergoing a unique 2022: not only he is playing the Argentine Open with his son for the first time ever – including a title, the Hurlingham Open – but also he is celebrating the 30th anniversary of his debut at Palermo, which occurred on November 7, 1992, when the 17-years-old boy scored sixteen goals in the match that Ellerstina claimed a 23-7 win over Los Indios.

Today, 30 years later and with 17 Argentine Open titles under his belt, Adolfo Cambiaso, who have been wearing the La Dolfina Saudi jersey at Palermo for the last 23 years, knows that he is still one of the favourites to claim the most important polo tournament worlwide. Following the win against Cría la Dolfina on Sunday, he said: “I am happy for the victory. However, the team worked differently because Pelón’s injury happened a few days ago; one day we had a practice with Pedrinho (Zacharias) and up next we almost throw him on field 1. It’s not easy to be there and play a match, and Cría La Dolfina played quite well; they had their system and it’s not so easy. We had to wait to score, but at least Poro was accurate with the penalty conversions, so we were able to win. The most important thing is where we are standing now; the field was a bit difficult to play well, but anyway, it will be difficult for everybody.” 

Following last Sunday’s win, La Dolfina Saudi have two challenges ahead within the League stage, against La Irenita Clinova, on Sunday November 20, and last but not least, to face Ellerstina in the league decider, whom they already defeated in Hurlingham. “After we won the Hurlingham Open, it is very clear we do want to win. First, it was to play with my son in a full packed ground; and after having won in Hurlingham and see how the team works, we definitely have chances to win. We are very excited to give ourselves the chance to be able to win.” 

Something special happened by the start of the fourth chukka, which is not a minor detail for La Dolfina’s organisation. Although there are more and more clones of different horses currently playing at the highest level, there were four Cuarteteras that played in that chukka: clone 06, ridden by Adolfo; clone 01, ridden by Poroto; clone 04, ridden by Nero; and clone 02, ridden by Cría La Dolfina’s Guillermo Terrera. On that matter, Adolfo Cambiaso stated: “I realized about it during that chukka. I saw Juanma, Poroto, I saw myself, and I am not sure whether Terre was riding another one as well. It’s incredible to be with the elder brother, I mean, us, and the younger brother, Cría La Dolfina, playing several horses from the breeding, and I think it’s very good, it means the organisation is growing.” 

It’s been established that the Cañuelas-based lineup will play the League B decider of the Open against Ellerstina – although, still waiting on what will happen next Sunday with Ellerstina and Cría La Dolfina -; but the League A decider has also been set. Another Cañuelas-based team, La Natividad, will play against La Irenita Grand Champions. With regards to the moment Cañuelas is currently going through, Adolfo Cambiaso concludes: “I am happy for Camila, for Lolo; obviously, Camila is my sister, the boys are my nephews and I am Barto’s godfather. I would love if La Dolfina and La Natividad play the final, but it is not our decision. Polo is very balanced today; there were different finals in Tortugas and Hurlingham so anything can happen in Palermo”. 

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