What is the status of the polo player son of the Golden Triplet María Emilia, 26 days after the terrible fall of the horse in the United States

It’s been 26 days since that Friday of shocking news, the tension of the moment and the resulting anguish. Clemente Zavaleta (h.), son of Clemente and Maria Emilia Fernandez Rousse, one of the Gold Triplets, He was playing one of the US polo season tournaments as part of Alegria’s team when, in a seemingly risk-free action, he fell to the ground after a fall from his horse. Corchito Zavaleta, 36, fell to the ground and the animal, with his 500 kilos, passed over him.

He was treated in the courts of Palm Beach, Florida, where he was unconscious for 15 minutes and was flown to a nearby hospital by helicopter. In a pharmacological coma, he underwent surgery for several clots in his head to decompress the area. Although it wasn’t the only part hit by the blow: he also broke several ribs and one of his lungs was punctured impact product.

The moment of the Clemente Zavaleta polo injury
The moment of the Clemente Zavaleta polo injury

Since then, the health of Zavaleta (h.) Has gone through several phases, within a serious framework. Some days better, others less. In this class of injuries, the priority in the first following days is to stabilize the patient and control the intercranial pressure. This alone is cause for optimism. But the recovery process is generally extensive. The problem, in the case of Triplet’s son, is that the rib fractures damaged one lung and there was the other source of concern. “The fight day by day”a colleague of Corchito. The one who is sleeping.

Prayer chains, as they did at the time on the occasion of the falls of Pedro Heguy (already recovered),Diego Araya and Tomas Dartiguelongue (in recovery), the most recent cases of accidents during a polo match and good vibes accompany each day. But it all takes time. These days, one of the additional problems that Zavaleta (h.) Faces is an in-hospital virus, which can occur in the event of long-term hospitalization.

The tender postcard that María Emilia has chosen to give strength to her son, Clemente Zavaleta
The tender postcard that María Emilia has chosen to give strength to her son, Clemente ZavaletaCapture Instagram

The polo player is sometimes low in oxygen saturation, which makes recovery difficult and the ability for doctors to advance to other open fronts. For example, they can’t operate on him again until he gets over the bacteria and fixes the rib problem. Lung lesions and low saturation are issues of particular attention and concern.

The definition of “day-to-day struggle” is as it is, without exaggerating. Some estimates of relatives speak of a process of “several months of hospitalization at best”.

The messages of support throughout this time have been moving. And many other relatives. Like that of her younger sister Sonia, who at the time posted on Instagram. In a photo in which her brother is seen as a child, the young artist wrote “Clemen”, between two hearts, and added below: “Send light, strength and love. Thanks”. Some time later, in the same stories, Sonia uploaded an image of Clementeadult, with his children.

“Corchito” with his parents, Clemente Zavaleta and María Emilia Fernández RousseInstagram

Also the three sisters, María Emilia, María Laura and María Eugenia, shared messages from their @lazstrillizasdeoro account, and especially his mom: “I want you to hug me again. You are a warrior and you will make it “, shared María Emilia along with an image in which mother and child are merged in an embrace. A week later, she thanked for the messages of affection:” Thank you for all the strength, thank you for all prayers. Let’s continue through the Corchito “.

what tournament he was playing

Zavaleta played for Alegría’s team, owned by Canadian Frederick Mannix, along with two compatriots: Agustín Merlos and Juan Bollini (h.). The match against Catamount (Pablo Pieres, Ignacio Novillo Astrada, Victorino Ruiz Jorba and skipper Scott Devon) was suspended, when he was 3-3 in the second chukker. The tournament is the 26-goal handicap World Polo League and takes place in Palm Beach, Florida as part of the high season in the United States.

The video of the accident Corchito ZavaletaThe video of the incident of the son of the Golden Triplets

Corchito is a starter in Argentina’s Triple Crown, which he plays with 7 recovery goals. Passionate about Independiente, he has been married for seven years to the French Isabelle Strom, a professional rider. He got married in 2014 at the Château Saint-Mesme, owned by the Strom family, and spends most of his life in his wife’s country. Simple in handling, fun, usually plays as number 3 (creator of the game) or defender (defender). Several times he has been the protagonist of the photographic productions with which THE NATION presents the Argentine Open Championship, which he longed to play since he was a child, which was given to him for the first time at the age of 30.

Isabelle Strom and Clemente Zavaleta (h)
Isabelle Strom and Clemente Zavaleta (h)Soledad Rubio – HELLO

His father, Clemente, worked extensively at the Alegría organization, which has facilities not only in the United States, but also in Buenos Aires. He has been together for more than 40 years with María Emilia, one of the famous three twin sisters married to polo players. The others are María Laura, wife of Ernesto Trotz, and María Eugenia, wife of Horacio Laprida.

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