World Polo Championships:Uruguay on path to playoffs

The FIP World Polo Championship playoffs are underway at Punta del Este Polo Club, in the Maldonado, Uruguay. The tournament sees four countries – Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and Peru – in competition. The tournament is played in a round robin format. The country that secures the highest number of points will qualify for the FIP World Polo Championship, due to be played from October 26 to November 6, in Wellington, USA.


Uruguay 9-8 Chile

Perú 9-5 Brazil

Chile 8-6 Perú

Uruguay 8-6 Brazil

The last day of action will take place on Tuesday, January 11:  

Chile vs Brazil

Peru vs Uruguay


BRAZIL: Tom Ferreira 0, Dudu Zacharias 4, Keko Kalil 3, Gui Ribeiro 5.

CHILE: Clemente Silva 3, Domingo Iturrate 2, Andrés Vial 5, José Martínez 4.

PERU: Lorenzo Masías 4, Jaime Patron 3, Ignacio Masías 3, Guillermo Málaga 4.

URUGUAY: Gastón Magariños 1, Ignacio Viana 4, Santiago Stirling 5, Matías Carrique 4.

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