113-year-old Midland Polo Club finishes fall season

MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) – One sport has been a part of Midland’s history for more than a century.

The tall city was once a hub for its training.

No, it’s not football.

It’s polo.

The club is little known considering its tenure in Midland. This was the club’s 113th year.

Polo isn’t a mainstream sport for most U.S. cities, said Jenni Hord, president of Midland Polo.

“Very few cities can claim to even have the sport of polo in their backyard,” Hord said. “And we have it right here.”

The club says many have never seen it and most have never played.

“I guess it’s like soccer on horses,” said Violeta Escapite, club manager. “…A mix of cricket [and] soccer on horses. You know, you’re running up and down the field, trying to score this tiny ball on a big animal.”

It’s played on a hidden gem on the northside of midland. The club holds 30 acres of open green space.

The club has played on those grounds since 1965, but its roots date back to 1910.

The club has an important legacy. According to the club, Midland was a prime place for polo in the early 1900s.

“Midland happened to be the training grounds for all the high level players from the east coast to the west coast,” Hord said. “So they came here, they liked the temperature, the grounds, it was wide open. So, they played on dirt fields, but nonetheless, they were training their green horses, which means the new horses coming up.”

Their final season matches kicked off Friday afternoon and will continue until Saturday morning.

Tonight, patrons will receive candy via helicopter to celebrate Halloween. Their final Sunday match was canceled due to the weather.

As this season comes to an end, the club hopes to involve the community it has such rich history in. They say they’ve already seen more interest.

“Slowly, Midlanders are starting to realize this is the best part of Midland,” Hord said.

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