130th. Argentine Open: La Natividad, a remarkable champion

Following one of the best finals of the latest years, La Natividad defeated La Dolfina Saudi 13-10, and claimed the 130th. Argentine Open for a second time (the first was in 2021). The much anticipated championship match took place at Palermo on Sunday December 3, and it was decided in the final chukka, with a goal produced by Facundo Pieres. Therefore, La Natividad had their rematch, after losing the final of the Argentine Open to La Dolfina Saudi, in 2022. It is worth to notice that their coach, Nacho Novillo Astrada also won his second Argentine Open – twenty years ago, in 2003, he claimed the coveted Triple Crown, playing with his three brothers with La Aguada and now made it again at Palermo, as La Natividad’s coach.

The final was a very close and tight game, with both teams exchanging the leadership. The first half was very dynamic, plenty of good plays, just a handful of fouls and the two lineups on each other’s tails; the score was tied several times, and when one of them were in the lead, the gap were just one or two goals. The contest was so close, that many didn’t discarded a possible extra chukka.

In the sixth chukka, La Natividad outscored La Dolfina Saudi 3-0, to claim their widest gap, 10-7. They were more solid as a whole and playing very well. But in the following chukka, La Dolfina Saudi made a comeback, and also outscored La Natividad 3-0, to tie at 10-all with only one chukka remaining. Nothing was over yet.

A thrilling last chukka would come; Pablo MacDonough produced two goals to secure La Natividad a 12-10 lead with three minutes remaining. La Dolfina Saudi struggled, but at the end of the day, it was Facundo Pieres who put the ice on the cake – in the last seconds in regulation time, he scored the crucial goal that left the deal said and done. La Natividad ran out the remarkable champions of the 130th. Argentine Open for the second time.



La Natividad: Facundo Pieres 9 (3 goals), Camilo Castagnola 10 (4, one penalty), Pablo Mac Donough 10 (3), Bartolomé Castagnola Jr. 10 (3). Total: 39.

La Dolfina Saudi: Adolfo Cambiaso 10 (1 goal), David Stirling 10 (1), Adolfo Cambiaso Jr. 10 (7, three penalties), Juan Martín Nero 10 (1). Total: 40.

Score La Natividad: 1-2, 3-2, 4-5, 7-6, 8-7, 10-7, 10-10, 13-10.

Umpires: Gastón Lucero & Guillermo Villanueva                      Third man: José Ignacio Araya.


Gonzalo Heguy MVP Award: Pablo Mac Donough.

Javier Novillo Astrada Award to the top scorer of the tournament: Camilo Castagnola, 38 goals.

Rubén Sola Rookie Awrad: Lucas Monteverde Jr.

Fomento Equino and Municipalidad de Cañuelas Award to the best mounted player: Bartolomé Castagnola Jr.

Gonzalo Tanoira Award to the best mounted player of the tournament: Bartolomé Castagnola Jr.

Juan Carlos Harriott Fair Play Award: Adolfo Cambiaso Jr.

BPP Lady Susan Townley Cup:  Cuartetera B06 Clon, ridden by Adolfo Cambiaso.

Best Polo Argentino Bred, presented by the Argentine Polo Pony Breeders Assn. and Sociedad Rural Argentina Award: Dolfina Roxy, ridden by Adolfo Cambiaso.

Special Awards:

Lifetime Membership to AAP: Ali Albwardy.

Curatoria awards: Presented to the captains of the Women’s Argentine Open.

CASE IH Awards: Juan C. Sánchez, Maru Ermacora, Javier Kromm, Alfredo Garrone, Soledad Sewal.

130th. ARGENTINE OPEN: Fixture & Teams

Cover photo by Matias Callejo / Prensa AAP.

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