130th. Argentine Polo Open: La Dolfina Saudi and La Natividad will clash for the glory on Sunday

Following the rain delay, the much anticipated championship match of the 130th. Argentine Polo Open, will take place on Sunday December 3. The biggest polo final of the year, will see reigning champions, La Dolfina Saudi, and La Natividad, going head-to-head for the coveted trophy, on ground 1, at Palermo. It is worth to notice that the two Cañuelas-based teams will clash in the Argentine Open final for the third consecutive final

While La Dolfina Saudi remained with the same lineup with whom they claimed Palermo in 2022 (Adolfo Cambiaso, Pelón Stirling, Poroto Cambiaso and Juan Martín Nero), La Natividad feature the two Castagnola brothers, Barto (10) and Jeta, alongside with brand new members, no less than Facundo Pieres (9) and Pablo MacDonough (10), who filled in for Polito Pieres and Nachi du Plessis.

Since the birth of the club, in 2000, and with the exception of 2004, title holders, La Dolfina Saudi, have played all the Argentine Open finals, something that already has put them within the big history of the sport. And from 2013 onwards, when they hired Milo Fernández Araujo as their coach, La Dolfina Saudi won almost absolutely everything, including three consecutive Triple Crown. Now, they arrive to a new final, undefeated and overwhelming all their opponents, although it was a bit more complicated in the league decider against La Hache La Roca. But for La Dolfina, Palermo is their home, and is in the Cathedral when everybody see them at their best.

As everybody is well aware, La Natividad won the Argentine Open in 2021, only two years before they become the biggest sensation, in 2019, when they landed in the world’s most important tournament from the qualification tournament. The lineup that claimed the Argentine Open in 2021 was made of Jeta and Barto Castagnola, Polito Pieres and Nachi du Plessis. Of the champions in 2021, only Jeta and Barto remained and they hired Facundo Pieres, who left Ellerstina, and Pablo MacDonough, as well as Nacho Novillo Astrada as the coach.

Like La Dolfina Saudi, La Natividad are undefeated, after sweeping all their opponents. And like their rivals, they played a tough league decider against La Ensenada in an extraordinary match, perhaps one of the best the season has seen so far.

The two Cañuelas-based teams, La Dolfina Saudi and La Natividad, will go head-to-head in search of the coveted trophy of the 130th. Argentine Open. Between 2021 and 2022, they split the title between the two of them, so now they will go for the rematch and see who will make it two. But one thing is for sure – Palermo will see a very much anticipated championship match, to reveal the best team in the world.



19-10 vs. La Hache Cría & Polo

22-7 vs. La Esquina

13-4 vs. Cría La Dolfina

16-12 vs. La Hache La Roca


22-7 vs. La Irenita Clinova

25-10 vs. El Overo Z7 UAE

17-7 vs. Ellerstina

17-14 vs. La Ensenada



La Dolfina Saudi: Adolfo Cambiaso 10, David Stirling 10, Adolfo Cambiaso Jr. 10,  Juan Martín Nero 10. Total: 40.

La Natividad: Facundo Pieres 9, Camilo Castagnola 10, Pablo Mac Donough 10, Bartolomé Castagnola Jr. 10. Total: 39.

Umpires: Gastón Lucero & Guillermo Villanueva                      Third man: José Ignacio Araya.

130th. ARGENTINE POLO OPEN: Fixture & Teams

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