2023 English High Goal: Teams, tournaments and facts that will heat up a thrilling season

A very busy and intense high goal English season is coming up, with at least 18 teams that will be in participation; all of them with different aims and challenges to fit within each organisation. Every one of them have announced their respective calendars, which is composed by at up to three tournaments to play thoroghout May-July, while others will likely play one tournament only.

Regardless of this, the season will see the best players worldwide. It is worth noting that there will be some significant comebacks, such as Black Bears – despite they played the Warwickshire Cup in 2022; as well as the debut of other organisastions in British high goal, like Green Gates, who had a remarkable performance in medium goal, during 2021 and 2022, and this year they will present battle in the Gold Cup, at Cowdray Park.

So, with more teams coming up in the next few days and weeks, by the time this article was written, the 18 teams that are set to compete in the 22 goal British season are the following: 

BLACK BEARS (Prince of Wales Trophy, The Queen’s Cup & Gold Cup):  Guy Schwarzenbach, Ollie Cudmore, Antonio Heguy, Juan Martín Nero.

BP POLO (The Queen’s Cup & Gold Cup): Garvey Beh, Chun Chuan Beh, Genaro Ringa, Benjamin Panelo.

CIBAO LA PAMPA  (Prince of Wales Trophy & The Queen’s Cup): Juan Pepa, Mark Tomlinson, Tomás Panelo, Jaime García Huidobro.

CLINOVA (The Queen’s Cup): Raja Karim, Isidro Strada, Alfredo Bigatti, Jero del Carril. 

DUBAI (Prince of Wales Trophy, The Queen’s Cup & Gold Cup): Rashid Albwardi, Camilo Castagnola, Rufino Bensadon, Beltrán Laulhe.

GREEN GATES (Gold Cup): Noor Khadra, Cachete Crespo, Francisco Elizalde, Isidro Strada.

KING POWER (Prince of Wales Trophy, The Queen’s Cup & Gold Cup): Aiyawatt ‘Top’ Srivaddhanaprabha, Nicolás Pieres, Gonzalo Pieres, Will Harper.

LA MAGDELEINE (Trippett’s Challenge, The Queen’s Cup & Gold Cup): Alexander Garese, Pablo Mac Donough, Facundo Fernández Llorente, Santiago Laborde.

MARQUÉS DE RISCAL (Trippett’s Challenge, The Queen’s Cup & Gold Cup): Alejandro Aznar, Santiago Cernadas, Sapo Caset, Chris MacKenzie.

MONTEROSSO (Prince of Wales Trophy, The Queen’s Cup & Gold Cup): Alessandro Bazzoni, Pelon Stirling, Cubi Toccalino, Luquitas Criado.

PARK PLACE (Prince of Wales Trophy, The Queen’s Cup & Gold Cup): Andrey Borodin, Facundo Pieres, Matt Perry, James Harper.

PARK PLACE VAARA (Prince of Wales Trophy, The Queen’s Cup & Gold Cup): Varvara Borodin, Hilario Ulloa, Mín Podestá, Santos Merlos.

SCONE (The Queen’s Cup & Gold Cup): Adolfo Cambiaso, Poroto Cambiaso, David Paradice, Matías González.

SUJAN TIGERS (Prince of Wales Trophy & The Queen’s Cup): Jaisal Singh, Louis Hine, Francisco Elizalde, Bautista Bayugar.

MURUS SANCTUS (Trippett’s Challenge & The Queen’s Cup) / TALANDRACAS (Gold Cup): Corinne Ricard / Edouard Carmignac, Alejandro Muzzio, Polito Pieres, Cacu Araya.

TWELVE OAKS (Prince of Wales Trophy, The Queen’s Cup & Gold Cup): Charlie Wooldridge, Joaquín Pittaluga, Magoo Laprida, Matías Mac Donough (h).

UAE (Trippett’s Challenge, The Queen’s Cup & Gold Cup): Sheikha Maitha Al Maktoum, Lukin Monteverde, Barto Castagnola, Tommy Beresford.

VIKINGS (Prince of Wales Trophy, The Queen’s Cup & Gold Cup):  Siri Evjemo-Nysveen, Diego Cavanagh, Juan Martín Zubía, James Beim.


THE JUSTERINI & BROOKS PRINCE OF WALES TROPHY (Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club): May 10-20.

TRIPPETTS CHALLENGE (Cowdray Park Polo Club): May 12-20.

THE QUEEN’S CUP (Guards Polo Club): May 23 – June 18.

WARWICKSHIRE CUP (Cirencester Park Polo Club): June 15-24.


POW’S CHAMPIONSHIP CUP (Guards Polo Club): July 30 – August 13.


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