A historical polo farm in southern Germany

The polo farm Ettikoner Hof is situated in southern Germany, Baden-Württemberg, on the river Rhine and by the Swiss border.

Polo players and our Swiss guests have easy access to the farm via the close by border crossings in Waldshut and Rheinheim/Bad Zurzach. International guests would fly into Zurich Airport, which is only a 40 minutes car-ride away, to experience a relaxed polo weekend at the Ettikoner Hof.

There are many popular tourist sites and attractions, like the Rhine Fall in Schaffhausen, the city of Zurich and Basel and even the Black Forest, that are less than an hour car ride away.

The Ettikoner Hof polo community originates from the Schwarzwald Polo Country Club, which was established in 1986.

Many of today’s outstanding and promising young polo players started their career using the fantastic facilities and training conditions offered by the polo community at Ettikoner Hof. Furthermore, several home bread polo ponies played successfully in the English High Goal League.

The evenings after a long day of chukkers are legendary at the Ettikoner hof: in a family like atmosphere everyone is enjoying a classic Asado of lamb accompanied by a lovely bottle of Argentinian red wine.

With over 50 boxes, a polo field with a professional irrigation system, a sand track around the polo field, a training arena and a cosy clubhouse with a view over the polo field, the Ettikoner Hof offers everything a polo heart desires. Club Chukkers are played several times a week. In addition, four tournaments of different levels will be hosted in the 2024 season. And watch this space for more exciting news to be released soon…

Whether summer or winter, your horses can stay 365 days a year at the Ettikoner Hof. In summer, the focus is on intensive polo training, followed by a recovery and regeneration phase of your horses in winter. Depending on the weather, the polo ponies can stand in the pastures all day and recover from the active polo season. The team at Ettikoner Hof pays attention to small group sizes and values harmony in the herd.

If you are interested in winter pasture and stables please contact:

Mrs Dr. Sophie Senf
Telephone / WhatsApp: +49 163 4447799

Ettikoner Hof 117
79790 Ettikon- Küssaberg
Baden-Württemberg, Germany 

Website: www.ettikonerhof.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ettikonpolo/

News and highlights at the Ettikoner Hof for 2024

We are delighted to introduce our new polo managers at the Ettikoner Hof!

After four enriching years at a club in Aargau Switzerland, Jonatan, Julika and Brina Purvis are moving to the Ettikoner Hof from the start of the 2024 season and will take care of the polo management.

Jonatan Purvis was born with a passion for horses. He grew up with horses and discovered his love for horses and polo early in his childhood. At the age of 17 he travelled to England for the first time to work with a professional English polo player. After many years in England, he returned to Argentina and concentrated on training young horses, which he still does with great dedication today. Julika Purvis & Jonatan Purvis met in a polo club in Switzerland through their shared passion for polo. Since the beginning of their relationship, they have been traveling back and forth between Europe and Argentina. The family grew with the birth of their daughter Brina 3 years ago.

Polo Academy
It has been Jonatan and Julika Purvis’ shared dream for many years to build a business in polo. In 2022 they took the step and founded the Polo Academy Switzerland (PAS). By founding PAS, they set themselves the goal of spreading and promoting the sport of polo and getting many new people excited about this fascinating sport. Through Jonatan’s work in other polo schools and training as a polo instructor at the AAP (Asociacion Argentina de Polo), he was able to gain experience as a polo trainer over the years. He also discovered how much he loves teaching. In addition to the polo school, PAS polo focuses on the rental and sale of polo horses, as well as the organization of events, tournaments and polo holidays abroad.

Our new managers at the Ettikoner Hof
Jonatan and Julika Purvis

Contact us for everything about POLO:
Website: www.paspolo.com
Email: info@paspolo.com
Instagram: https://www.instragram.com/_paspolo/

Telephone / WhatsApp:
+ 41 76 217 60 39 // +54 9 2227 53 12 79
(German, English, Spanish)

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