All set for a new edition of the IFZA Gold Cup

At a press conference and live draw conducted in the Al Habtoor Polo Resort Hotel this Wednesday, the IFZA Gold Cup 2023 Dubai Open tournament’s schedule was formally unveiled. The event welcomed the participation of the teams, sponsors and media. The renowned Dubai Open is scheduled to take place from 15th of February until the 4th of March and will be played at 20 goal handicap for the first time since its inception in 2009. 

This year, the tournament consists of eight contending teams for the prestigious trophy. The Gold Cup is one of the five tournaments of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series (DPGCS) and is recognized and certified by the World Polo Tour (WPT). It is played under the WPT Championship Cup category which is considered as one of the highest competition in terms of points. The tournaments under the DPGCS are part of the UAE Polo Federation, follows the Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA) rules and it’s played under the provision of its umpires. 


This year’s Dubai Open is supported by International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) as the title sponsor; its main sponsor Bentley Emirates; Accenture Investment Group and MAK Engineering Consultancy as co-sponsors: and Diamond Lease, Total Electrical and Mechanical and Hildon.

Mohammed K. Al Habtoor, Vice Chairman & CEO of Al Habtoor Group, Founder of the DPGC Series and Patron of Habtoor Polo team was joined by Martin Pedersen – Chairman of IFZA, Joseph Tayar, the General Manager of Bentley Emirates, Mohammad Al Huraiz, Board Member of the UAE Polo Federation, and Santiago Torreguitar, Tournament Director of the UAE Polo Federation.

The CEO & Vice Chairman of Al Habtoor Group, Mohammed Al Habtoor, said: “Once again we are proud to announce that the Dubai Polo Gold Cup organization will be hosting the prestigious Gold Cup (Dubai Open) for the 14th consecutive year. The tournament will bring together some of the finest polo players from around the world and showcase our love for polo. We look forward to welcoming the players, their families, and the fans to enjoy this thrilling display of athleticism and experience our commitment to advancing the Sport of Kings that made us a source of pride for the United Arab Emirates.” 

Martin Pedersen said: “At IFZA, we believe in the power of sports to bring people together and foster a sense of community. The Dubai Polo Gold Cup is more than a competition; it is a celebration of the diversity and talent that exists within the UAE. We are proud to be part of this community that celebrates the spirit of competition, partnership, and camaraderie – a spirit that IFZA shares and embodies. 

It is truly a privilege for us to be associated with such a prestigious event, and we are committed to making sure that this year’s IFZA Dubai Polo Gold Cup will be even more exciting and memorable than ever before. As a title sponsor, our participation in this renowned event is a demonstration of our commitment to supporting and advancing excellence in all its manifestations. We pledge to support not only the Gold Cup but also other initiatives that highlight the unique qualities of Dubai and the UAE, and how we dare to live, do business, and thrive differently.”

IFZA Gold Cup 2023 – Teams:

AM Polo Team: Sheikha Alia Al Maktoum, César Crespo, Isidro Strada, Benjamin Urquiza.

Bangash Dodson & Horrell Polo: Haider Bangash, Federico Von Potobsky, Tomás Fernández Llorente, Ignacio Negri.

Clinova Noa Capital: Raja Karim, Facundo Fernández Llorente, Benjamin Panelo, Tomás Iriarte.

Dubai Wolves by CAFU: Habtoor Al Habtoor, Toly Ulloa, Teodoro Lacau, Jacinto Crotto.

Ghantoot Polo Team: Nasser Al Shamsi, Marcos Araya, Segundo Amadori, Pablo Llorente.

IFZA Habtoor: Mohammed Al Habtoor 0, Matt Perry, Bautista Bayugar, Juan Jauretche.

Mahra by AIX Investment Group Polo Team: Tariq Al Habtoor, Jacinto Amadori, Félix Esaín, Tomás Alberdi.

UAE Polo Team: Sheikha Maitha Al Maktoum, Lukin Monteverde, Mín Podestá, Tommy Beresford.

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