Ankora won the opening tournament of the Autumn season La Dolfina

The four finals of the opening tournament of the Autumn season hosted by La Dolfina Polo Club, La Dolfina Polo Ranch Cup, took place on Sunday March 26 at La Dolfina Polo Ranch, located in Cañuelas, in the Province of Buenos Aires. The successful first competition of the series saw eight teams up to 14 goals (medium goal), in participation

Ankora claimed the Gold Cup, following a 8-7 win over Mercado de Cañuelas. Las Codornices, Lamar and M&Mwere victorious in the Silver Cup, Bronze Cup and Wooden Cup after defeating The Kusnacht P. (9-6), Cotterel (10.5-9) y Lista Blanca (9.7.5), respectively.

The final standings are as follows:

  1. Ankora
  2. Mercado de Cañuelas
  3. Las Codornices
  4. M&M
  5. The Kusnacht P.
  6. Lamar
  7. Lista Blanca
  8. Cotterel

The Autumn season at La Dolfina Polo Club will resume with the 14-goal Chacras de la Trinidad Cup, which will run through Friday March 31 to Saturday April 8.

Cover photo by Pablo Ramirez.

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