Baltistan polo player reaches Shangla on way to Islamabad

SHANGLA: A polo player from Baltistan region reached Bisham city here on Saturday riding a horse while on his way to Islamabad to promote peace and adventure tourism in Pakistan.

Musa Ali, who hails from Ghanche district of Gilgit-Baltistan, had left his home on Nov 13 for Islamabad on his horse, and while on way to the federal capital, he reached the Bisham city on Friday evening, where local people welcomed him. He stayed here for night.

Musa Ali told Dawn that he would reach Islamabad in a week, where he had to participate in a tourism-related event.

He said that his objective of riding on horse from his hometown to Islamabad was to promote hospitality of the people of Pakistan’s northern region, tourism, interfaith harmony, peace and brotherhood.

“I stayed with local people overnight and they served me with food and welcomed me with immense pleasure. I was amazed by the people’s love,” he said.

Mr Ali said that he was a retired army man, played polo and had keen interest in adventure tourism and exploring Pakistan to highlight its positive and undiscovered image to the world.

He said that he made videos and photos of the beautiful places, people’s lifestyle, diversity and harmony of communities, and uploaded the same on his YouTube channel and other social media platforms.

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