Barriere Deauville Polo Cup: Semifinals set for the Bronze Cup; last qualifying games of the Coupe d’Or

The Coupe d’Or, the most important tournament of the season at the Deauville International Polo Club, located in Normady, Northwest France, resumed through Saturday August 19 and Monday August 21. The historical competition forms part of the traditiona Barriere Deauville Polo Cup, the series that is composed of three competitions – Coupe d’Or, Ladies Polo Cup y Coupe de Bronze, due to be played until Sunday August 27. 

The latest results of the Coupe d’Or are the following:

Saturday August 19

Los Dragones Rouge 11-7 Talandracas

Sunday August 20

Los Dragones Bleu 9-7.5 Mungo

Monday August 21

Barriere 8-5 Los Dragones Rouge

The last league matches of the Coupe d’Or will be played through Tuesday August 22 and Friday August 25, prior to the championship match, on Sunday August 27. The order of play is as follows:

Tuesday August 22

5,30pm: Eternal J vs. Talandracas

Wednesday August 23

5,30pm: Mungo vs. Los Dragones Rouge

Thursday August 24

5,30pm: Los Dragones Bleu vs. Talandracas

Friday August 25

5,30pm: Eternal J vs. Barriere


The Coupe de Bronze, that sees seven teams up to 8 goals in participation, has the semifinals already set, after the match played on Monday August 21, between Mungo and HM Polo Team, with the former victorious 7-4. As a result, the semifinals are ready to be played on Wednesday August 23 and Friday August 25:

Wednesday August 23

Red Falcon vs. Standing Rock

Friday August 25

Mungo vs. HM Polo Team

The final of the Coupe de Bronze is due on Sunday August 27.

Cover photo by @phflament / @aprhchantilly.

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