Camel polo and horse riding will be the main attraction in Pushkar Fair 2023, know when it will start.

Rajasthan Pushkar Mela 2023: Camel polo and horse riding competitions will be the main attraction of this year’s International Pushkar Fair. The officers provided this information. He told that during this period a parade of indigenous bulls will also be organized for which the fair organizers have prepared a proposal. He told that this year the fair will be organized from 14 to 29 November. Officials said that the decision to include camel polo in the fair for the first time was taken in view of the success it got during the Holi festival in Pushkar.

Camel Polo added to Animal Fair

Dr. Naveen Parihar, Additional Director of Animal Husbandry Department (Ajmer Range) said that ‘Camel Polo competition was organized during Holi and there was enthusiasm among the tourists to see it. Therefore, for the first time this year camel polo has been added to the cattle fair. Parihar said that one team will include domestic and international tourists while the other will include domestic tourists and administration people.Also Read: Explainer: What is Right to Health Bill? Know what are its benefits, Rajasthan became the first state in the country to do so

Decision to include only local level horses

He said that to make the fair more attractive for the spectators, preparations are underway to include horse riding in it. Dr. Naveen Parihar said, ‘There was a plan to organize an international level horse riding competition, in which horse riders from Holland, England, Dubai and Switzerland were to be invited. But, after receiving information about Glanders disease in Sikar district, it has been decided to include only local level horses in horse riding competitions.

Horses are advised not to be brought where there are cases of glanders disease.

Officials said the department has issued guidelines for horse breeders, cattle herders and horse transporters asking them not to bring horses to the fair from those states and districts where cases of Glanders disease have been found. He said that the department has also prepared a proposal to organize a parade of various cattle progeny in the fair this year. Parihar said, ‘For the first time this year, a competition of indigenous Gir cows and bulls will also be organized in the fair. A proposal has been sent to the directorate. Cattle farmers are also being contacted for participation of Nagauri bulls in the fair.Also Read: West Bengal Panchayat Election: Nomination for Panchayat elections starts from June 9, voting on July 8Rajasthan Election: When leaders did not get tickets, supporters protested

Pushkar’s 15-day fair in three phases

He said that special arrangements have been made on the roads to ensure that tourists do not face any problem during the fair. He said that even before the start of the fair, around Diwali, cattle herders often encroach on roadsides illegally, due to which there is jam on the roads and passengers have to face problems. This year a plan has been made to avoid such a situation. The 15-day fair of Pushkar takes place in three phases. In the first phase, the cattle fair starts on the second day of Diwali. The arrival of animals and cattle herders starts from this day itself.Also Read: Jharkhand: The first monsoon rain exposed the road built in Tatijharia of Hazaribagh, people were slipping in the mud

Second phase starts from Kartik Shukla Gopashtami

At the administrative level, the second phase starts from Kartik Shukla Gopashtami. On this day, the District Magistrate formally starts the fair by hoisting the flag at the fair stadium. Sports and animal competitions and colorful cultural programs start from this day. Under the third and final phase, the religious fair starts from Devuthani Ekadashi. The five-day religious fair ends with a massive bath held on the occasion of Kartik Purnima.

Thousands of camels, horses and different species of animals in Pushkar Animal Fair

Thousands of camels, horses and different species of animals come to Pushkar Animal Fair. Transactions worth crores of rupees take place between cattle herders. Lakhs of devotees come to take a dip in the sacred Pushkar Lake and visit the temples of the area. Many colorful cultural programs are organized by the administration for the entertainment of the participants, in which Rajasthani folk artists and international level artists participate.

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