Copa de Oro – Finals set.

Dubai and MB Polos secured a place in the final of the High Handicap Electrolit Gold Cup on Wednesday after beating, respectively, Kazak and San Luis, in the semifinals held on the day of the date in Los Pinos, in Sotogrande. In this way, the aforementioned teams will seek to keep the coveted trophy on Saturday, also in Los Pinos.

For its part, and also corresponding to the 52nd International Polo Tournament Andalusia, but in the Medium Handicap, Ayala became the first finalist of the category after being the winner of Zone 2. For Zone 1, and after the victories of Electric Polo and Brunei, on Thursday morning the other finalist will be defined through a definition by penalties of which these 2 teams and San Leonardo will participate.

The Electrolit Gold Cup finals are scheduled to take place between Friday, August 25 and Saturday, August 26.

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