Coupe d’Or in Deauville in full swing

Barriere and Eternal J were victorious in the two recent matchdates of the prestigious Coupe d’Or, the opening tournament of the traditional Barriere Deauville Polo Club, hosted by the Deauville International Polo Club, set in Normandy, Northwest France Normandía. The series is composed by three tournaments –  Coupe d’Or, Ladies Polo Cup and Coupe de Bronze, and will run through August 9-27. 

On Wednesday August 10, Barriere earned a narrow 9-8 win against Talandracas, in extra chukka, with a winning goal by Juan Gris Zavaleta. On the following day, Friday August 11, Eternal J defeated Mungo 7-5.

Action for the Coupe d’Or will resume on Saturday August 13 and Monday August 15, with games between Mungo and Talandracas, and Los Dragones Red vs. Eternal J, respectively Both contests are due to be played at  5,30pm.

Cover photo by @phflament / @aprhchantilly.

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