Everything is set and ready for the first edition of La Hache Polo Cup

La Hache Polo Club is having an unforgettable year, indeed. And they already announced the draw and fixture of the first edition of La Hache Polo Cup, will will run in the club through Monday October 23 and Tuesday November 7. The tournament will see six teams up to 20 goals, compete, in lineups that will include many of the most remarkable stars of the sport, such as Hilario Ulloa, Barto Castagnola and Polito Pieres. 

Meanwhile, the draw took place on Wednesday October 18 at the clubhouse in La Hache Polo Club. Players as well as Minuto Siete, who are behind the organisation of the event, were in attendance.


BARDON POLO TEAM: Andras Tambor 0, Beltrán Laulhé 5, Lorenzo Chavanne 5, Barto Castagnola 10. Total: 20.

BEL POLO TEAM: Henry Lunn 0, Edward Banner Eve 5, Joaquin Pittaluga 8, Sebastián Merlos 7. Total: 20.

HÍPICA POLO: Luigi Cosenza 0, Gustavo Garcia 4, Pedrinho Zacarias 8, Aluisio Vilela Rosa 7. Total: 19.

JEFFERIES: Leandro Infantino 0, Matías González 4, Clemente Zavaleta 7, Hilario Ulloa 9. Total: 20.

LA ESPERANZA: Kevin Korst 2, Martin Bilbao 4, Toly Ulloa 7, Valerio Zubiaurre 7. Total: 20.

PALO SANTO: Juan Cruz Guiñazú 0, Jack Whitman 2, Salvador Ulloa 7, Polito Pieres 9. Total: 18. 

La Hache Polo Cup will kick off on Monday October 23, as follows:  

13:30 h: La Esperanza vs Jefferies

15:00 h: Palo Santo vs Bardon Polo Team

17:00 h: Hípica Polo vs Bel Polo Team 

LA HACHE POLO CUP: Fixture & Teams

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