The Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame located in Lake Worth, Florida, wish to recognize players who have truly excelled in the sport. Any player is eligible for election to the Polo Hall of Fame (or to be named a recipient of the Philip Iglehart Award) who has contributed to the game in an extraordinary and honorable manner, whether by dedication to the sport or by ability and record as a player. Additionally, the Hall of Fame will acknowledge great horses of the sport, honoring a new class of inductees with the Horses to Remember Award.

Any person or horse may be recommended for election to the Polo Hall of Fame by any other individual. Candidates’ names for consideration for induction into the Polo Hall of Fame will be presented to the Nominating Committee by submitting an application which will be returned, completed and signed by the nominating parties.

The Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame's Horses to Remember collection.

The Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame’s Horses to Remember collection.

The selection process for players will focus on record, highest handicap, number of U.S. Open Polo Championship or equivalent tournament wins, other high-goal tournament participation, international appearances and other extraordinary achievements or service to the sport of polo. Foreign players may be considered if it is determined that they have made significant contributions to polo in the United States. A player must hold their highest handicap for five consecutive years before they can be considered for induction. The Nominating Committee reserves the right to place the candidate in the category (Hall of Fame or Philip Iglehart Award) in which it seems most appropriate for consideration.

Selected candidates will be officially inducted at the annual Hall of Fame Ceremony on Saturday, February 17, 2024. Event details, sponsorship/volunteer opportunities and online tickets sales will be forthcoming.

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, August 31, 2023. For any questions regarding the application, please reach out to Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame Director of Development Brenda Lynn at (561)-969-3210 or polomuseum@att.net. Completed applications can be sent to this email address as well. Submissions can also be faxed to (561) 964-8299 or sent physically to: Nominating Committee, Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame, 9011 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth, Florida 33467.


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