Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad: Teams to play in the Swiss Alps have been revealed

Four teams up to 14 goals are set to compete in a new edition of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad, one of the most remarkable tournaments within the international polo calendar, that will run through August 17-20, at Polo Club Gstaad, in Switzerland. The lineups will be composed of players from Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, England and France, three current title holders – Sébastien Le Page, Lucas Labat and Raúl Laplacette – are among the participating teams. On that occasion, they played with Clinique La Prairie, that included Lucas Labat. Now they hired Francisco Fucci to form Gstaad.

As usual, the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad is an exquisite experience, a tournament played in a splendid setting with grounds sorrounded by the magical beauty of the Swiss Alps, which allow spectators to be able to watch the games up close, allowing a proximity with the players and the horses that is rare in the sport, right from the border of the field. The will be a VIP area, delicious catering, luxury goods, and the kids area. And, of course, teams on hoseback and carriages, will parade on the fairytale streets of Gstaad.

The final of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad, ON SUNDAY AUGUST 17, WILL BE STREAMED LIVE ON POLOLINE TV.   


HUBLOT: Jurger Schroeder 0, Juan Correa 3, Matías González 4, Martín Aguerre Jr. 7. Total: 14.

KIELDER AGRO GROUP: Cédric Schweri 0, Joao Novares 5, Thomas Astelarra 5, Francisco Menéndez 6. Total: 14.

GSTAAD PALACE: Peter Cromm 0, Max Charlton 6, Matias Maiquez 5, James Emilyn 3. Total: 14.

GSTAAD: Sébastien Le Page 0, Facundo Kelly 4, Francisco Fucci 4, Raúl Laplacette 6. Total: 14.

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