Hyderabad Polo Players Gallop into the Spotlight for 61 Sub Area Polo Championship -2023

Mr. Shamsheer Ali, and Mr. Kunwar Vishal Singh, both are from Hyderabad HPRC Selected for 61 Sub Area Polo Championship 2023, Team Name: Sahara Warriors Team.

Hyderabad: The world of Hyderabad polo is abuzz with excitement as two talented polo players hailing from the heart of India’s Deccan plateau have been selected to the prestigious 61 Sub Area Polo Championship, to be held in Jaipur, Cavalry Polo Ground, from 4th to 10th September – 2023

Mr. Shamsheer Ali, and Mr. Kunwar Vishal Singh, both are from Hyderabad HPRC Selected for 61 Sub Area Polo Championship 2023, Team Name: Sahara Warriors Team.


This remarkable feat showcases not only their skill but also the city’s growing presence on the national polo scene. The two prodigious players, Mr. Shamsheer Ali from Hyderabad and Mr.Kunwar Vishal Singh from the prestigious HYDERABAD POLO RIDING CLUB have emerged as the star players of the sport.

Mr. Shamsheer Ali, 41 (handicap of +4) – a force to reckon with stands tall as one of the greats of the game with shining performances in several national and international arenas for the last 15 years. His constant progression and his winning stride through the ranks from local competitions to the international levels is nothing short of inspiring.

Joining this star from Hyderabad is a rising talent Mr.Kunwar Vishal Singh, a 23-year-old, (handicap of -2) who has been honing his polo skills since a young age. His natural talent combined with relentless training under the tutelage of renowned coaches has transformed him into a formidable force on the polo field. Both their inclusion in the 61 Sub Area Polo Championship is a true testament to their prowess.

The 61 Sub Area Polo Championship is a prestigious event that attracts the best polo players from across the country. This year, Hyderabad’s duo will join the ranks of players from across India, as they compete in various categories and showcase their skills on the lush green polo fields.

This championship not only promises exposure and recognition but also the chance to learn from some of the finest polo players and coaches in the nation. It’s an opportunity for Mr.Kunwar Vishal Singh to escalate his horsemanship joining greats like Mr. Shamsheer Ali and represent Hyderabad with pride.

The selection of these two players is indicative of the growing polo scene in Hyderabad. The city’s polo clubs especially the Hyderabad Polo Riding Club have been gaining popularity, and more young enthusiasts are taking up the sport.

This recent achievement is expected to inspire a new generation of polo players to chase their dreams. Local polo enthusiasts and sports aficionados are eagerly looking forward to cheering for their champions in the 61 Sub Area Polo Championship.

As Mr. Shamsheer Ali and Mr.Kunwar Vishal Singh prepare to embark on this remarkable journey, they carry the hopes and aspirations of Hyderabad’s polo community with them.

Their selection for the 61 Sub Area Polo Championship is not just a personal triumph but also a testament to the city’s rising prominence in the world of polo.

The entire city stands behind them, eager to witness their grace and skill on the polo field, as they strive for victory and honor in this prestigious tournament. Let us wish them all the very best!

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