Joe Barry Memorial Cup: Iconica and BTA qualified to the final

Iconica and BTA are due to play the championship match of the Joe Barry Memorial Cup, following their respective wins in the semifinals that were played on Thursday January 19. The Joe Barry Memorial Cup kicks off the  inaugural Florida Circuit 16-Goal Super-Series, and will serve as the first qualifying leg of four prestigious national tournaments – Ylvisaker Cup, Iglehart Cup, Continental Cup, culminating in the Florida Circuit 16-Goal Super-Series Championship.

The Joe Barry Memorial Cup was established in 2005 as a tribute to Joe Barry, a Polo Hall of Famer since 1999, who sadly passed away in 2002. Barry´s major wins thoroghout his career include six U.S. Open Polo Championship titles, three USPA Gold Cup titles, and the 1971 Coronation Cup in England.

The undefeated Icónica (4-0) claimed a 13-7 win over Old Hickory Bourbon in the first semifinal, played at Isla Carroll East, while BTA narrowly beat La Fe by a 13-12 score in extra chukka, after Nachi Viana produced the winning goal within six minutes in that extra time.

Iconica and BTA are set to play the final of the Joe Barry Memorial Cup on Sunday January 22, at 5pm.



Iconica: Maureen Brennan 0, Lucas Criado Jr. 6, Peke Gonzalez 6, Santos Merlos 4. Total: 16.

Old Hickory Bourbon: Harrison Azzaro 3, Joaquín Panelo 6, Whistle Uys 4, Stevie Orthwein 3. Total: 16.

SEMI #2 – BTA 13-12 LA FE (extra chukka)

BTA: Kelly Beal 0, Steve Krueger 4, Nachi Viana 5, Jesse Bray 7. Total: 16.

La Fe: Louis Devaleix 1, Robi Bilbao 6, Francisco Elizalde 9, Rufino Merlos 0. Total: 16.

Cover Photo by Agustina Fonda.

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