La Dolfina Polo Club reveals Autumn season

La Dolfina Polo Club, set in Cañuelas, in the Province of Buenos Aires, announced a series of tournaments in three levels – high goal, medium goal and juniors that aims to establish a steady calendar during the highly competitive Autumn season in Argentina. Tournaments will be played at both La Dolfina Polo Club and La Dolfina Polo Ranch through March 20 to May 1. 

The first tournament, La Dolfina Polo Ranch Cup, is currently underway, and the final is due on Sunday March 26.

The extraordinary success of the Cañuelas-based teams, such as La Dolfina and La Natividad, brought a significant growth for polo in the area; today, Cañuelas is renowned worldwide as one of the most significant venues within the sport, thanks to these remarkable champions, and even has a polo school, La Dolfinita, managed by María Chavanne, one of the pioneers of ladies polo and an enthusiastic supporter of kids polo. With Maria’s guidance, the school teaches, trains and encourage the little ones to get into the sport, something that guarantees a brilliant future ahead.

The dates of the 2023 Autumn season at La Dolfina Polo Club are as follows: 

LA DOLFINA POLO RANCH CUP (14-goal): March 20-26.

Venue: La Dolfina Polo Ranch.

CHACRAS DE LA TRINIDAD CUP (14-goal): March 31-April 8 .

Venue: Cañuelas clubs.

MUNICIPALIDAD DE CAÑUELAS CUP (Medium Goal -14-goals- & High Goal -24-goals): April 25 – May 1.

Venue: La Dolfina Polo Club.

LA DOLFINITA (Kids Polo): April 30.

Venue: La Dolfina Polo Club.

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