La Esquina and El Overo Z7 UAE qualified to Palermo

The Qualification Tournament that gives two spots to play the Argentine Open, came to an end of Monday October 23, after the two last matches, that saw La Esquina and El Overo Z7 UAE victorious over La Cañada LE and La Irenita II, respectively. Both contests took place at the Argentine Association of Polo Headquarters, in Pilar, under the rain.

In the first match, La Esquina claimed a 12-9 win over La Cañada LE. Up next, El Overo Z7 UAE defeated 11-7, and will play Palermo for the first time ever. Following the two games, the ten teams who are due to play the 130th. Argentine Polo Open are already set. The most coveted polo tournament in the world will kick off on Tuesday October 31, in Pilar, and the much anticipated final will be played on Saturday December 2, at Palermo.

It is worth to notice that it is the third time Pascual Sainz de Vicuña’s team will play at Palermo, as well as the second year in a row with the same lineup. Meanwhile, Pascualito is still the only Spaniard who have played the Argentine Open.  With regards to El Overo Z7 UAE, having qualified to Palermo is their most significant achievement of an unforgettable 2023, that saw them as the winners of the Dubai Gold Cup and the British Open for the Cowdray Gold Cup. In addition, it will be the absolute debut in the Open of three young and talented players – Lukin Monteverde, Cruz Heguy and Teo Lacau, while Torito Ruiz will be playing at the Cathedral for the second time. And last but not least, this marks the much awaited return to Palermo of the most legendary name in polo, no less than Heguy – Cruz, the son of the legendary Ruso, will represent the fourth generation of the family in the Argentine Open.

Following the end of the qualification tournament, the leagues for the Argentine Open have been set as follows:  

League A: La Dolfina Saudi, La Hache La Roca, Cría La Dolfina, La Hache Cría & Polo, La Esquina.

League B: La Natividad, Ellerstina, La Ensenada, La Irenita Clinova, El Overo Z7 UAE.




La Esquina: Pascual Sáinz de Vicuña 6, Cristian Laprida Jr. 8 (2 goals), Lucas James 7 (1), Ignacio Laprida 8 (9, six penalties). Total: 29.

La Cañada LE: Facundo Llosa 7 (4, two penalties), Lucas Díaz Alberdi 7 (3), Tomás García del Río 7 (1), Pedro Falabella 7 (1). Total: 28.

Score La Esquina: 3-0, 5-1, 6-4, 7-4, 9-6, 12-7, 12-9.

Umpires: Gastón Lucero & Martín Aguerre.                          Third man: Hernán Tasso.



El Overo Z7 UAE: Lucas Monteverde Jr. 7, Victorino Ruiz Jorba 7 (2 goals), Cruz Heguy 7 (7, two penalties), Teodoro Lacau 7 (2). Total: 28.

La Irenita II: Valerio Zubiaurre 7 (subbed in by Federico Panzillo 6, at the start of the fifth chukka), Juan Jauretche 7 (1), Matías Mac Donough Jr. 6 (5, three penalties), Alfredo Cappella Barabucci 8 (1). Total: 28.

Score El Overo Z7 UAE: 1-1, 2-2, 5-3, 7-3, 7-5, 9-7, 11-7.

Umpires: Matías Baibiene & Gonzalo López Vargas.           Third man: Martín Aguerre.


Cover Photo: Pascual Sainz de Vicuña (La Esquina), by Matías Callejo.

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