“Ladies Only” at PoloPark Berlin from 14-16.07.2023

Six international ladies polo teams from seven nations with over 100 polo horses have registered for this year‘s Ladies Cup and, as always, will be showcasing more than exciting chukkas. The Ladies Cup 2023 is the only ladies-only tournament in Germany.

The players and the umpire, Octavia Campbell David, come from seven nations: Germany, South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Argentina, USA, and Luxembourg. Among the world-class players with a ladies HCP of +7 is Milagros Sanchez from Argentina. For visitors, there will again be a delightful supporting program. Matches will be moderated by „The Voice of Polo“, Jan Erik Franck. Polo DJ Sebastian will provide the appropriate soundtrack for the weekend. For the first time, there will also be a HAT COMPETITION on July 16, organized by Pauline Stolze, Frank Altmann, and Manuela Vobach.

This event follows the motto from England‘s „Ascot“: „Where horses gallop, hats enchant, and players thrill – this is LADY POLO!“

Furthermore, there will be delicious gastronomy over the weekend. Star chef Simon Lang and some celebrities from Berlin have already announced their attendance. Admission is free and parking spaces are available. Further information and table reservations can be obtained at: ts@baltic-polo-events.com


1. Ostseebad Sellin (-1 -11)
Nina Frühauf /Lupita Fass GER (-1-1)
Laura Fass GER /SA (0-3)
Marit Fass GER (0-3)
Maike Hölty GER (0-4)

2. POLO+10 (0- 11)
Emily Hase Loock GER (1-1)
Jeanette Diekmann GER (0-3)
Dele Iversen GER (0-3)
Siobhan Herbst Irland (1-4)

3. Polo Sylt (-2 -11)
Ida Gare / Maxine Odia GER (-2-0)
Iris Winter GER (-1-1)
Milli Sanchez ARG (1-7)
Sophie Schmidt GER (0-3)

4. Ingo Pyko Immobilien (-1 -11)
Anne Grossmann GER (-1-1)
Filippa Luserke GER (0-3)
Marie Haupt GER (0-3)
Clarissa Margraf GER (0-4)

5. PoloPark Berlin / Baltic Polo Events (0-8)
Silvia Nutz GER (-1-1)
Johanna Volkmann GER (-1-1)
April Kent IRL (1-4)
Megan Manubay USA (0-3)

6. Stiftung Löwenbrücke / Grenzgaenger (-1-9)
Kerstin Neubert GER (-2-0)
Anna Lena GER (-1-1)
Estelle Wagner LUX (1-4)
Svenja Hölty GER (1-4)

Umpire: Octavia Campell Davys
Moderator: Jan Erick Frank
Sporting Director: Thomas Strunck

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