Las Magnolias and Stanley Polo to play Thai Autumn Cup final

The Autumn season at Thai Polo Club Argentina is in full swing, with the Thai Autumn Cup currently underway at Harald Link’s club, located in General Rodriguez, in the Province of Buenos Aires. The tournament kicked off on Tuesday April 11 and sees four teams up to 14 goals, in participation. The finals are scheduled to be played on Sunday April 16.   

The results up-to-date are the following:

Tuesday April 11

Stanley Polo Team 10-5 La Anita

Las Magnolias 7-3.5 Armenka

Thursday April 13

Stanley Polo Team 7-5.5 Amenka

Las Magnolias 11.5-9 La Anita

Although action will resume on Saturday April 15 with two games (Las Magnolias vs. Stanley Polo Team at 9,30am and Amenka vs. La Anita at 10,30am), the finals due on Sunday April 16, have been already set:  

10am: Final Backhander, Amenka vs. La Anita

11,15am: Final Thai Autumn Cup, Las Magnolias vs. Stanley Polo Team


Stanley Polo Team: Facundo Mendizabal 0, David Lagomarsino 3, Juan Crespo 5, Manuel Crespo 6. Total: 14.

Las Magnolias: Luca Natella 0, Francisco Ayala 0, Agustín García Grossi 7, Simón Prado 6. Total: 13.

La Anita: Milo Torralva 0, Tomás James 2, Ramón Casssino 4, Carlos María Ulloa 7. Total: 13.

Amenka: Luis M. Etcheberry 2, Matías Logioco 2, Manuel Prado 3, Gastón Urturi 5. Total: 12.

Cover photo by Matias Callejo.

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