Morocco Wins 4th Mohammed VI International Polo Trophy

Resilient Victory for Morocco

The Moroccan national polo team emerged victorious in the 4th edition of the prestigious Mohammed VI International Polo Trophy. The tournament, organized by the Royal Moroccan Federation of Polo and held from May 22 to 27, showcased top-class polo action from teams around the world. Under the high patronage of King Mohammed VI, the Moroccan team displayed exceptional skill and determination, ultimately claiming the championship title.

A Hard-Fought Final

In the thrilling final match held at the Club Polo de la Garde Royale in Rabat, the Moroccan team faced off against their Egyptian counterparts. The match was intense, with both teams showcasing their prowess on the field. However, it was the Moroccan team that emerged triumphant, defeating Egypt with a final score of 10.5 to 8. The victory sparked great joy among fans and players alike, with celebrations honoring King Mohammed VI for his unwavering support of the sport.

Acknowledging the Egyptian Team

Despite the competition, the Moroccan team extended their admiration to their Egyptian opponents. Moulay Mohammed Al Mohammadi, captain of the national team, praised the Egyptian team for their strong organization and skilled players. He acknowledged their valiant efforts in the match and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to compete against such a formidable team. The sporting spirit and camaraderie displayed between the two teams added to the overall excitement of the tournament.

A Promising Prelude to Future Success

The victory in the 4th edition of the Mohammed VI International Polo Trophy marks a significant milestone for Moroccan polo. Moulay Mohammed Al Mohammadi emphasized that the team’s achievement in this tournament will serve as a stepping stone towards claiming future titles. The win symbolizes the dedication and commitment of the Moroccan players, as well as the growing prominence of polo in the country. With their remarkable performance, the national team aims to continue their upward trajectory and achieve even greater success in upcoming tournaments.

Global Participation and Prestige

The 2023 edition of the Mohammed VI International Polo Trophy welcomed a diverse range of teams from five continents. Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, the United States, and Nigeria, alongside the host country Morocco, showcased their exceptional polo skills. The international participation added a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere to the tournament, further solidifying its reputation as a premier event in the polo calendar.

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