MPSC (B) to play MPSC (C) in IW Polo final

MPSC (B) will square off against MPSC (C) in the final of the 2nd Imphal West District Polo Tournament being held under the aegis of Manipur Horse Riding & Polo Association on April 1 .

MPSC (B) defeated Thangmeiband Youth Polo Club (TYPC) 9-2 while MPSC (C) beat Imphal Riding Club (IRC) 4-2 in their respective semifinal matches.

The first semi final was played between MPSC (B) and TYPC wherein the former emerged victorious.

In the match, T Pradeep Kumar of MPSC (B) scored a haul.

He scored a goal each in the first and second chukker and another two in the third.

The remaining five goals of the winning side came from O Suresh Singh (2 goals), Kh Nongpoknganba (2 goals) and H Abung Khuman (1 goal) .

The two goals of TYPC, on the other hand, were scored by Th Nongpoknganba all in the second chukker.

The following match saw MPSC (C) beating IRC 4-2 .

It was a comeback win for MPSC (C) as IRC’s K Sorna scored the first goal of the match in the opening chukker and they (IRC) had a 2-1 lead till the end of second chukker.

The equaliser for MPSC (C) was struck by S Arunkumar in the second chukker but IRC had the upper hand by the end of the chukker as Sorna scored his second goal and gave IRC the lead a few minutes later.

MPSC (C) came back much stronger as they scored three goals in the third chukker and made their way to the final.

M Jawan, S Arunkumar and Viking Salam of MPSC (C) scored a goal each in the third round.

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