Pebble Breaker, Remounts record wins in 10th Shah Rafi Alam Polo Cup

LAHORE – The second day of the 10th Shah Rafi Alam Polo Cup 2023, spon­sored by United Bank Limited and hosted at the Lahore Polo Club, bore witness to triumphs by Pebble Breaker and Remounts teams in a thrilling showcase of polo excellence. A multitude of enthusiastic spectators gathered at the Lahore Polo Club to wit­ness two pivotal matches in this riveting eight-goal tournament, including Club President Malik Azam Hayat Noon, distinguished Executive Committee members, and several polo enthusiasts. 

The day’s inaugural match un­folded as a captivating spectacle, culminating in Pebble Breaker’s hard-fought victory against Dia­mond Paints with a final score of 7-6. In a display of exceptional skill, Ahmed Ali Tiwana dazzled with four remarkable goals, while Bilal Haye contributed three cru­cial goals for the Pebble Breaker side. On the opposing team, Raja Temur Nadeem emerged as a formidable force, securing four goals, with Mir Huzaifa and Saqib Khan Khakwani each adding one goal for Diamond Paints. The sec­ond encounter of the day show­cased Team Remounts’ domi­nance as they outpaced Rijas Polo with a resounding score of 9-5½. The foreign sensation, Abelanda, emerged as the standout per­former with an impressive five-goal contribution, complemented by Sawar Muhammad Naeem’s three goals and Shahid Imran’s one goal for the triumphant Re­mounts. On the other side, Nicho­las Roberts displayed his prowess with two well-earned goals, while Ahmed Bilal Riaz, Ahmed Zubair Butt, and Faisal Shehzad each se­cured one goa

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