Polo: How swift horses gallop in between Chukkas to be declared Most Valuable Ponies

With Hiromi Nzomo’s pony – The Honey- being declared the Most Valuable Pony in the Davis Cup at Nairobi Polo Club over the weekend, polo lovers may wonder on the criteria used to do so.

In polo, a player must have at least four horses to play a match of four chukkas and one is allowed to change horses in between the Chukkas.

A player who has six horses in a match has an added advantage.

Rarely does a horse complete a full chukka of seven minutes divided into halves of three and half minutes per match. This is because of the vastness of a polo pitch, which is three and half times of a football pitch.

Professional British polo commentator Jammie Hayward said a horse that can complete a full chukka without being rested confirms its (the horse) fitness levels and therefore stands a high chance of scooping the coveted prize.

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