Polo Teams Parade Around Valletta Ahead Of Big Tournament

Visitors to Malta’s capital city were treated to an unusual site last week when Maltese polo teams paraded around Valletta with their horses – with even Prime Minister Robert Abela joining in the fun.

The event took place on 27th January at 2pm, marking the date for when polo teams first paraded around a Maltese city.

This type of event is popular in other cities around Europe, including Rome, Milan, and Paris, but was rarely done in Malta.

The spectacle started at Castille, with the horses strutting down to the old parliament, and back up to Castille again. On the road, they stopped at the new parliament and St. George’s square to allow people to ask questions and take photos.

The horses and team members were dressed in their polo gear, and the parade was escorted by the police.

The tournament was held the day after – and the next one will be held on 11th March, at Marsa’s Malta Equidrome, with the winners receiving the Alexandria Cup.

Have you ever played polo in Malta?

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