Polo, the most exclusive sport that has conquered the kingdom

We’ve all heard of polo at some point, a sport always associated with money, exclusivity and royalty. And it is because the pole, from its origin in 500 BC in ancient Persia, was considered the greatest state symbol of the aristocracy.

Thus it became popular in Persia, Arabia, Tibet, Japan or China and with this same idea they reached Western Europe and, in particular, the Kingdom of Great Britain, where it was very successful. 

Elizabeth II, Charles III or Prince William played polo 

(Photo: Gtres)

Queen Elizabeth II was a great follower of this sport, being one of the great protagonists of the horse, her most beloved animal. It had its own tournament, the Queen’s Cup, and went every year to present a trophy to the winning team.

This love of polo was also transmitted to Carlos III, who, in addition to public polo, practiced it. There he gave us one of the most iconic snapshots with Lady Di which his children repeated years later. Prince William with Kate Middleton at the prestigious Royal Charity Polo Cup 2022 tournament; and Prince Harry with Meghan Markle at the Santa Barbara Polo Club tournament.

However, members of the British royal family are not the only royals who are passionate about this sport. The royal family is also a fan of Brunei.

The Spanish king was not fond of polo

In our country, the royal family is not particularly associated with the Pole. Infanta Elena has always felt a special aptitude for horses and the harness, in which sport she also competed. A passion which he passed on to his daughter Victoria Federica. But it is not usual to see them in a polo match. 

Other members of the aristocracy like Luis Alfonso de Borbón play and go to the pole. And celebrities like Isabel Preysler, Álvaro Muñoz Escassi or Nieves Álvarez usually attend these events.

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