Poroto Cambiaso won the gold cup without his father Adolfo.

Poroto Cambiaso won the gold cup without his father Adolfo and his development in polo did not stop the sixth title of Major Adolphe Cambiaso Jr. The beans had a unique flavor. He did not celebrate the first podium with his father. In the conquest of the USPA Gold Cup, the second most important event in the United States, Poroto was the captain of the Scone team, while his father wore another jersey (Valiente’s). In the final, Poroto was Scones’ top scorer in an 8-6 victory over Facundo Pieres’ Governor, the defending champion. The best player award went to Tomás Panelo, who replaced David Stirling, injured; American Cody Ellis and Australian skipper David Paradice completed the team.

The USPA Gold Cup is the second event of the Globe Polo, the North American Triple Crown, a prelude to the US Open that begins on Tuesday and the successor to the CV Whitney Cup, won by Valiente. Three competitions are held at the National Polo Center in Wellington, Florida. Beans now have three in the showcase.

Just 13 years old, Poroto Cambiaso began to play in the main thanks to his father Adolfo, who gradually showed him the way. They started the American World Polo League (a 26-objective league) in 2019 and the following year they already lifted their first “major”: the Gold Cup in England, with the team of the next generation. Faba was only 14 years old and was starting to break records, most of which were held by his father. In 2021 he won the USPA Cup Gold and the US Open with Jersey Scone. The great consecration came last year, when Poroto made the leap to the first team of La Dolfina and at the same time won the Argentine Open of Panormi, as well as the Hurlingham. He became the youngest winner of the Open and the youngest to finish 10th in the handicap. Then Poroto realized his autonomy already, with the figure of La Dolfina in the semifinal against Elerstina and in the decisive moments of the final against La Natividad. Compared to the exchange of government.

Cambiaso Sr. 48 (April 15) returned to play Valiente after a four-year absence from the team of Captain Bob Jornayvaz. He had started the year in great shape by winning the CV Whitney Cup after beating the pilot in the final (10-9), but this time he was left in the fourth quarter at the hands of his own team Facundo Pieres (13-. 12). Scone’s injury did not affect Striveling, he also missed the semi-finals. Panelo, a member of La Dolfina’s second team in Argentina, had a big hit and ended up receiving the MVP. He scored two goals, one of which was a minor one by Poroto. The scorer, with 4 goals, was Facundo Pieres, who defended the title and won the first major of the year.

Hate and ugly ugly, Scone was always wanted in the office. They took a 3-0 lead in the second chukker and, after the pilot ran to within one (4-3), surrendered 3-1 in the fourth chukker which was uneventful. The first title is not without his father Poroto, although he is the first of this magnitude. Before this he also won the Chamber of Deputies Cup with La Dolfina Brava in 2020, the AGASO Club Open with the Scone and Castagnola brothers in 2022 and the Chilean Open last year.

Tuesday begins the US Open, a big day of the season in Palm Beach. Cambiaso, each with an inscription under the arms. By making Pieres with two runners. There was a fight between the three. In the Golden Cup, Poroto reveals that he can now fly alone.

Summary of the party

Scones (8); David Paradise, 0; Adolfo Cambiaso (h.), 9; Tomás Panelo, 8. and Cody Ellis, 4. Total: 21

Pilot (6); Curtis Governor, 0; Matías González, 4; Facundo Pieres: 10. Matias Torres Zavaleta, 8. Total: 22.

Development: Scones (1-0) 2-0, 3-1, 4-3, 7-4, 7-5, 8-6.

Scone goals: Cambiaso, 3; Panelo, II, and Ellis, II. Pilot: Pierius, 4; The towers of Zavaleta, 2.

Judges: Kimo Huddleston and Gaston Lucero. Referee: Martin Pascual.

Athletics; #1 at the National Polo Center, Wellington, Florida.

MVP: Tomas Panelo

The best horse in the highest; Vices Dancer, by A. Cambiaso (h.).

The best AACCP riders; Vices Dancer, by A. Cambiaso (h.).

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