Qualification Tournament: Matchups have been determined

It’s the final countdown for the Qualification Tournament to Palermo. The matchups to earn the two last tickets available to play the Argentine Open have been revealed, following the end of the league stage. Therefore, La Cañada and La Esquina are due to play for the first spot in the most coveted polo tournament in the world, while the second team will emerge from the match between El Overo Z7 UAE and La Irenita II.   

The road to the final stage was as follows: El Overo Z7 UAE and La Irenita II claimed League A and B, respectively; League C ended up with a triple tie, so La Cañada won their League through a penalty shootout.

Last but not least, La Esquina managed to step into the decisive stage, as the better second, after defeating Alegria and Cañuelas, through another penalty shootout.

The Qualification Tournament to Palermo will come to an end on Monday October 23, with the following order of plays (times yet TBA by the Argentine Association of Polo): 

La Cañada vs. La Esquina

La Irenita II vs. El Overo Z7 UAE 


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