Remainder of Coachella League Polo season canceled after virus detected at country club

The remainder of the Coachella League Polo season has been canceled after a virus was detected at a country club.

Officials with the Coachella League Polo said this comes after state veterinary officials from the California Food and Agriculture Department confirmed a positive test result for EHV1 at Eldorado Polo Club in Indio, which is where the polo games are held.

“EHV-1: Can cause four manifestations of disease in horses, including neurological form, respiratory disease, abortion and neonatal death”

– The American Association of Equine Practitioners

Many of the league’s players are stabled at Eldorado. A quarantine has been set until March 30, officials said.

“No horses are to go in or out of Eldorado property. Again, the same goes for the facilities at Coachella League. Please watch for any unusual behavior in your horses and lets remember to keep their welfare a priority,” reads a message on the league’s website.

The message continued, “Though the season has ended early it has been a good one. We hope to see all of your lovely faces next year to make more memories and more friends!”

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