República Argentina Cup in full swing

The República Argentina Cup, the most coveted trophy of the Autumn season in Argentina, continued through Thursday April 13, Friday April 14 and Saturday April 15, at the  AAP Headquarters, in Pilar. The tournament, established in 1929, is special because teams rated from 0 to 40 goals, from all over the country, are elegible to play. The league stages are played between at the AAP grounds in Pilar, while the finasl take place at Palermo. The 2023 República Argentina Cup sees sixteen teams between 16 and 23 goals, partake. Teams are split in four leagues.

It is worth noting that the República Argentina Cup is played on handicap and ties are permitted during the qualification stage.

República Argentina Cup – Latest results

Thursday April 13

Pilarchico 16-12 La Chavita

Venado Tuerto 11-11 El Faro Brava

Washington 12-12 La Lucila

Cuatro Vientos 12-9 Trenque Lauquen Thai Polo

Friday April 14

La Quebrada Synergy Cloning 14-8 Arelauquen Patagonia Polo 8

Estancia Grande 12-11 Lomas de Zamora

Altamira 12-3 Coronel Suarez

Santa María de Lobos 14-5 La Natividad

Saturday April 15

Pilarchico 11-11 El Faro Brava

Venado Tuerto 15-10 La Chavita

Washington 18-13Trenque Lauquen Thai Polo

Cuatro Vientos 15-14 La Lucila

Following a break on Sunday, the República Argentina will resume on Monday April 17 and Tuesday April 18, with the two last league rounds:  

Monday April 17:

1pm: La Quebrada Synergy Cloning vs. Estancia Grande

1pm: Altamira vs. Santa María de Lobos

3pm: Arelauquen Patagonia Polo vs. Lomas de Zamora

3pm: Coronel Suarez vs. La Natividad

Tuesday April 18

1om: Washington vs. Río Cuarto

1pm: Pilarchico vs. Venado Tuerto

3pm: Trenque Lauquen Thai Polo vs. La Lucila

3pm: El Faro Brava vs. La Chavita

The final of the República Argentina Cup as well as the Subsidiary La Nación Cup and Canadá Cup are set to be played on Saturday April 22, at Palermo

República Argentina Cup – Fixture & Teams

Photo credit: Matias Callejo

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