Rookie of the Year

Never have so many enjoyed so much from so few. Polo enthusiast Winston Churchill would agree, polo is a small fraternity of players around the world, but the allure of those 8 players engaged in mounted sport on a gorgeous expanse of grass in some of the world’s most desirable locations is irresistible to the greater social milieu of family, friends, and devotees on the sidelines.

For prospective new players, America’s oldest polo club invites newcomers to take a swing at the 3,000 year-old sport in our Adult Polo Lessons and is seeking candidates to be named the 2023 Rookie of the Year.

Newport Polo’s step-up training program makes the sport more accessible than ever, with Intro Clinics and weekly co-ed lessons for adults and teens, with open enrollment to start anytime, play often, and improve rapidly.

Trained polo horses, professional-grade equipment, Certified Polo Instructors, and regulation training facilities are all provided in Newport Polo’s polo school, with over 30 years experience in introducing new players to learn the basics of the game.

You don’t have to know how to ride a horse. While most would think it a basic requirement, the first polo lesson is also the first time on a horse for a significant number of players. Hand-eye coordination, balance & fitness, and athletic skills from other sporting pursuits are ideal prerequisites for new candidates, as it is, after all, a challenging, physically demanding sport.

Players begin in group classes in a regulation-size outdoor arena. They progress to arena chukkers and even tournaments. The arena is in use in Spring, Summer, and Autumn. During the summer grass season, advancing players will take lessons on grass, and advance to chukkers with the Club in the Coaching League, with guidance from instructors.

Players advance to a full season on the grass, May through Sept, when they no longer require instruction on the rules and can be rated with a handicap from the United States Polo Association. Eventually, they will possess the speed and skill to play in the Newport International Polo Series.

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