The second installment of Texas Arena League’s Armadillo Division was played at Legends Polo Club in Kaufman, Texas. Play continued in the Admiral Chester W. Nimitz tournament and in the C-Flight. Teams and players continued to gain points for Texas Arena League team and individual awards in addition to advancing in the USPA military tournament.

On Saturday, teams finished out their bracket play. Polo InterActive (Jose Velez, Fabian Osses, Javier Insua) and Legends Polo Club (James Glew, Marcus Murphy, Matthew Schloemer) faced off in the finals by going 3-0 each in bracket competition. In a hard-fought match, Legends Polo Club emerged the winners of the Admiral Chester W. Nimitz and the winners of the Armadillo Division. Los Polos Locos (Mike Farah, Nick Lahutsky, Jordan Upchurch) went up against Legends Horse Ranch (Megan Rahlfs, Kat Howe, Lindsay Bellack) in the bronze medal match, and in a very tight game, Los Polos Locos came out victorious. Their win made them the runners up of the Armadillo Division of Texas Arena League.

JD Polo's Valeria Insua on the nearside.

JD Polo’s Valeria Insua on the nearside.

“Our team really enjoyed playing Armadillo Division,” says Nick Lahutsky. “I also played in the 6-9 goal in TAL Classic, but when our 0-3 goal team saw the opportunity to play Armadillo, we jumped on it. It’s a fun and easy format. Los Polos Locos are already looking forward to next year.”

“I played Texas Arena League in its first year and had a blast,” says El Caso team member John Hand. “The Armadillo Division and El Caso Polo Club gave me an opportunity to get back into the game after a hiatus. Everybody has a good time at Legends; Nacho Estrada is a great host. And now I can’t wait to get out to New Mexico and play at El Caso when the Texas heat sets in.”

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Legends' Jan Pieter Zweegers and Horesgate's Nick Stefanakis.

Legends’ Jan Pieter Zweegers and Horesgate’s Nick Stefanakis.


JD Polo / U.S. Arena Polo Sportsmanship
Raeann Magill
Samantha Rostek
Anson Moore
Don English
Mike Farah
Don Gruntmeir
Kim Vaughan
Fabian Osses

Legends' Marcus Murphy on a breakaway.

Legends’ Marcus Murphy on a breakaway.

Galvin Agency MVP
James Glew 2X
Jan Pieter Zweegers
Tatijana Mirsky
Megan Rahlfs
Fabian Osses
Kim Vaughan
Nick Lahutsky

JD Polo's Jessica Shull and Rebecca Leung high-five.

JD Polo’s Jessica Shull and Rebecca Leung high-five.

Nutrena Best Playing Pony
Zama – Megan Rahlfs (2X)
Annie – James Glew
Comino – Fabian Osses, owned by Valeria Insua
Willie – Mike Farah
Paola – Javier Insua
Jammin’ – Lance Stefanakis, owned by Horsegate
Americana – Verity Cameron

All photos courtesy of ©David Murrell.

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