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Newport International Polo Series, sponsored by Turkish Airlines has proudly hosted over 37 different countries throughout its 32 year history. Jamaica returns this year for their 22nd match in the series and will be the guests of honor for a sunset meet & greet cocktail party at the famed Hotel Viking rooftop bar and lounge by RSVP before challenging the home team on the following day in USA vs. Jamaica to conclude one of the most highly anticipated weekends of the 2023 season.

As a vestige of its English heritage, there are some of the oldest and longest continually used polo fields in the western hemisphere on the island, as the backbone of Jamaica’s high threshold of talent, along with a multi-cultural diversity that is the byproduct of generations of polo history.

Jamaica’s polo history is a rich one thanks to their Caribbean climate allowing year-round play and their international polo communities that foster the development of the sport. Players from Jamaica are known for their fierce field play and incredible horsemanship partly due to their endless months of grass polo. In the past few decades, more polo clubs have taken root in Jamaica making the country one of the top destinations for winter polo on the international stage.

 The team from Jamrock gallops into Newport riding a three-game winning streak against USA in the Newport International Polo Series. Last summer, Jamaica was convincingly victorious against USA with a final score of 8-5. Series veteran, Paul Chin dazzled spectators with a three-goal campaign.

Stay after the match for an après polo celebration with the teams consisting of a complimentary toast by Gosling’s and The Cocktail Guru in the Modern Luxury Lounge, and savor authentic Jamaican jerk grilled cuisine prepared by the renowned, Hummingbird Cafefieldside. (Reserve by noon Fri 8/18).


Introducing the Jamaican Polo Team – Hailing from the land of Bob Marley, Red Stipe, and endless beaches, the Jamaican Polo Team is here to extend their winning streak in the Newport International Polo Series! 

Cameron Singh-Wates

Handicap – 0

Club St. Ann Polo Club

Cameron is currently the youngest player at 16 years old. He started playing at the ripe old age of 8 and would have started earlier if his mother did not interfere. He played in his first Burger King Junior Match and was on the winning team in 2017. Cameron is also from a polo playing family with uncles and cousin in the Wates clan. He shows a lot of potential being groomed at Chinnook Farms to be another cornerstone of Jamaica Polo. Look out for this young player as he gets strong and stronger each game!

Douglas Henderson

Handicap – 0

Club St. Ann Polo Club

Douglas just started playing polo in 2019. He is left-handed so has an extra challenge playing with his right. His Aunt is the legendary Lesley Masteron, who was one of the top-rated women players in the world. He has good hand-eye coordination and has taken to Polo like a duck to water. This will be his second visit to Newport. He started playing at the Chinnook Farms with the Chins.

Kurt Chin

Handicap – 2

Club St. Ann Polo Club

Kurt is the youngest of the flying Chins and has attained the highest rating in Jamaican polo for many years at 4 goals. He is one of the best mounted players on the island. He is a fast and hard hitter with great anticipation and stick work. Kurt is a force to be reckoned with on the field and has an impressive string of wins including the Senior Cup, Willie DeLisser, Marescaux, Hurlingham Cup. This is his first time in Newport!

Shane Chin

Handicap – 1.5

Club St. Anna Polo Club

Shane is the eldest of the flying Chins. As the number one son, he is responsible for maintaining the large ever growing improving string of polo ponies for the family. An excellent horseman, Shane spends his spare time schooling and managing the breeding and schooling of the polo ponies. He currently plays off a 1.5 goal handicap but is known best for his dancing skills on the dance floor at 10 goals hence his nickname. He organizes a polo school in his spare time and has produced some of the up-and-coming young players for the future of Jamaican polo.

The eclectic mix of youth and leadership along with polo in their blood, Team Jamaica will again be a formable foe for Team USA. Prepare for nonstop action and charm as the boys from Jamrock storm the BD field at Newport Polo! 

Be on the lookout for Team Jamaica’s itinerary to see where you can catch up with the players on their Newport Tour, published in the summer weekly eMagazine.  While the possibilities are endless to plan your Jamaican-themed polo picnic for a chance at Stella Artois Best in Show – nothing stands out better than the green, black, and yellow island chic nor does down easier than jerk chicken any time of day, or oxtail and an ice cold Red Stripe.  View photos of previous themes.

Newport Polo is the home of the Westchester Polo Club, America’s first polo club, offering exhibition polo and club member services for outdoor & arena polo, and polo instruction. Est. in 1876, founding member of the United States Polo Assoc, host of the Newport International Polo Series. Spectator audiences enjoy the athletic display and horsemanship every Saturday in June thru Sept. at 5 PM / 4 PM in Sept. Minutes from downtown Newport, the International Polo Grounds are located at historic Glen Farm, 250 Linden Lane (off of Rte. 138) in Portsmouth, RI.

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