Teams to play República Argentina Cup have been revealed

The República Argentina Cup, the he most coveted trophy of the the autumn season in Argentina, is due to start on Wednesday April 12. The tournament, established in 1929, is special because teams rated from 0 to 40 goals, from all over the country, are elegible to play.  The final stages are played between Palermo and the AAP grounds in Pilar, while the final takes place at Palermo.

It is worth noting that the República Argentina Cup is played on handicap and ties are permitted during the qualification stage.

The 2023 edition of the República Argentina Cup will feature young and talented players, as well as some of the biggest stars of the sport. Among the latter are 10-goaler Bartolomé Castagnola Jr., who will participate with La Natividad, whom he already won the contest back in 2016 with his father, Lolo; his brother, Camilo (“Jeta) and Juan Chavanne; Alfredo Bigatti, Alfredo Cappella, Carlos María Ulloa, Gastón Laulhé – who will play with his sons Rufino and Beltrán – and the 2021 champions, Cuatro Vientos, with the father-son duo, Santiago and Lorenzo Chavanne. Meanwhile, Facundo Sola is bringing a Washington foursome that includes the only woman in the tournament, Clara Cassino. It is worth noting that one woman was able to claim the República Argentina Cup up-to-date: Marianela Castagnola. Marianela won the trophy in 1997 with a La Dolfina linuep composed of Marianela, Adolfo Cambiaso, Lolo Castagnola and Guillermo Caset. In addition, Santa María de Lobos hired the only non-Argentine player in their team, the young and talented American, Mackenzie Weisz.

The República Argentina Cup will see sixteen teams between 16 and 23 goals, partake. Teams are split in four leagues.

The final of the República Argentina Cup as well as the Subsidiary La Nación Cup and Canadá Cup are set to be played on Saturday April 22, at Palermo.  


  • LEAGUE 1

La Quebrada Synergy Cloning: Simón Zavaleta 5, Bautista Beguerie 6, Felipe Martínez Ferrario 6, Alejo Aramburu 6. Total: 23.

Arelauquen Patagonia: Juan M. Gramajo 5, Felipe Bargalló 4, Javier Guerrero 5, Juan José Bouquet 6. Total: 20.

Estancia Grande: Joaquín Venturini 2, Jerónimo Venturini 5, Franco Gai Jr. 6, Facundo Retamar 6. Total: 19.

Loma de Zamora: Jaime Tuyá 3, Tomás Gómez Naar 3, Octavio Olmedo 6, Bautista Bello 4. Total: 16.

  • LEGUE 2

Pilarchico: Mateo Lafuente 5, Manuel M. Sundblad 6, Simón Prado 6, Tomás Alberdi 6. Total: 23.

Venado Tuerto: Simón Pioltino 2, Juan Zubiaurre 6, Guillermo Cavanagh Jr. 6. Alfonso Pieres Jr. 6. Total: 20.

El Faro Brava P. T.: Francisco MacLoughlin 4, Agustín Marcos 5, Bautista Arrastúa 6, Guillermo MacLoughlin Jr. 4. Total: 19.

La Chavita: Juan G. Urrutibeheity 1, Gastón Bardengo 3, Alfredo Bigatti 9, Franco Veronessi 3. Total: 16.

  • LEAGUE 3

Washington RS: Clara Cassino 1, Ignacio Acuña 5, Facundo Sola 8,  Carlos M. Ulloa 7. Total: 21.

Cuatro Vientos: Tomás Ferrari 3, Lorenzo Chavanne 4, Santiago Laborde 6, Santiago Chavanne 7. Total: 20.

Trenque Lauquen: Andrés James 3, Ignacio Arbelbide 6, Gastón Urturi 5, Salvador Jauretche 5. Total: 19.

La Lucila: Pedro F. Courreges 1, Nicanor Esaín 3, Alfredo Cappella Barabucci 8, Simón Crotto 4. Total: 16.

  • LEAGUE 4

La Natividad: Santiago Buzzi 3, Ignacio Velasco Gallo 4, Bartolomé Castagnola Jr. 10, Ignacio Kennedy 4. Total: 21.

Santa María de Lobos: Gonzalo Di Curcio 3, Marcos Panelo Jr. 4, Benjamín Panelo 7, Mackenzie Weisz 6. Total: 20.

Coronel Suárez: Cristóbal Durrieu 4, Ramiro Tarayre 4. Juan E. Harriott 6, Santiago Harriott 5. Total: 19.

Altamira: Rufino Laulhé 1, Beltrán Laulhé 4, Gastón Laulhé 5, Gonzalo Ferrari 6. Total: 16.

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