The 13th Dubai Silver was launched

Everything is set and ready in the United Arab Emirates for the start a new edition of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series, on Saturday January 21, the most remarkable tournament series in Asia and the Middle East. The Dubai Polo Gold Cup was officially launched in a press conference hosted at Al Habtoor Polo Resort, and the team lineups due to participate in the upcoming Dubai Silver Cup, through January 21 to February 4, were announced during the event.

As usual, the Dubai Silver Cup is the opening stage of the Dubai Gold Cup Series, played under the patronage of HH Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. And the most significant change of the 2023 season is that the Silver Cup and the Gold Cup have been raisen to 20 goals; up to 2022, both tournaments were played at 18-goal. 


The fixtures of the 2023 Dubai Gold Series are the following:

Silver Cup (20-goal): January 21-February 4

Gold Cup (20-goal): February 11-March 4

Dubai Challenge Cup (10-goal): March 11-18

Polo Masters Cup (8-goal) April 3-8

Dubai Cup (8-goal) May 8-13

The Dubai Gold Cup Series was played for the first time in 2009. Back then, the participating teams were rated between 10 to 12 goals, and thoroghout the years, the event improved significantly, and today it is established as one of the most significant tournaments of Argentina, Estados Unidos, Reino Unido y España.

Mohammed K. Al Habtoor, Founder of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series y Habtoor Polo Team patron, said: “I am very delighted to see the tournaments been raised to 20 goals. It is an opportunity for all of us to raise the level, as well as play the best level of polo in our grounds. We want to welcome the five teams who will be participating in this challenge. And at the same time, I want to thank deeply to the sponsors, patrons, the Dubai Sports Council and the whole polo community, both local and within the area”-

He added: “As the President of the UAE Polo Federation, my passion for this sport will always prevail. My aim is to secure the durability of polo through the cooperation of teams and clubs within the country. We make a great effort to present a consist polo calendar, which fits to players of all levels”.

The finals of the Dubai Silver Cup are due on Saturday February 4 at Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club. 


UAE Polo Team: Sheikha Maitha 0, Lukin Monteverde 6, Tommy Beresford 7, Mín Podestá 7.

AM Polo Team: Sheikha Alia Al Maktoum 0, Benjamin Urquiza 6, César Crespo 6, Isidro Strada 8.

Bangash Dodson & Horrell Polo Team: Haider Bangash 0, Federico von Potobsky 5, Ignacio Negri 7, Tomas Fernández Llorente 8.

Dubai Wolves by CAFU: Habtoor Al Habtoor 1, Toly Ulloa 6, Teodoro Lacau 6, Jacinto Crotto 7.

Habtoor Polo Team: Mohammed K. Al Habtoor 0, Matthew Perry 5, Juan Jauretche 7, Bautista Bayugar 8.

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