The 58th Jockey Club Open Thai Polo Cup

Opening wins for La Ensenada, La Dolfina & Monterosso

The 58th Jockey Club Open Thai Polo Cup began on Tuesday 12 September, at the Argentine Association of Polo Headquarters, in Pilar and the Jockey Club in San Isidro, with the Final scheduled for Saturday 23 September. Seven teams up to 30 goals are competing and in the first match La Ensenada bounced back in the last two minutes to beat Cañuelas Polo Team 11-10 with a winning goal by Guillermo Caset in an extra chukka, while La Dolfina claiming their first win against La Hache with a 17-9 score on the opening day. The following day, Wednesday 13 September, Monterosso dominated their match against Betania Arg Polo Gin with an 11-5 win. The action continues tomorrow with Betania Arg Polo Gin vs La Dolfina, La Hache vs Monterosso and Cañuelas Polo Team vs Scone Polo. 

The 58th Jockey Club Open Thai Polo Cup Teams:

Cañuelas Polo Team (28): Hilario Figueras (6), Gonzalo Ferrari (6), Pedrinho Zacharias (8) & Miguel Novillo Astrada (8) 

La Ensenada (27): Ernesto Gutiérrez (0), Alfredo Bigatti (9), Juan Britos (9) & Guillermo Caset (9)

Scone (30): Camilo ‘Jeta’ Castagnola (10), David Paradice (0), Poroto Cambiaso (10) & Barto Castagnola (10) 

Betania Arg Polo Gin (28): Manuel Calafell (6), Tomás García Del Río (7), Jejo Taranco (9) & Gerónimo Obregon (6) 

La Dolfina (30): Adolfo Cambiaso (10), Paco De Narváez (4), Tomás Panelo (9) & Peke González (7) 

La Hache Polo Team (30): Edward Banner-Eve (5), Carlos Maria Ulloa (7), Francisco Elizalde (9) & Hilario Ulloa (9) 

Monterosso (29): Alessandro Bazzoni (0), Pelon Stirling (10), Facundo Pieres (9) & Juan Martín Nero (10)  

Photograph: La Ensenada beat Cañuelas Polo Team in the opening match.


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