The Barrière Deauville Polo Cup Begins This Week

Coupe d’Or, Ladies Polo Cup & Coupe de Bronze
The 74th Marta & Lucien Barrière Coupe d’Or begins this week, with six teams challenging each other across three weeks of competition (8 – 27 August), with the start delayed due to rain, and some of the top names in polo taking part. The Coupe de Bronze kicks off on 14 August with the Final scheduled for Sunday 27 August to coincide with The Gold Cup Final. At a lower level than The Coupe d’Or, this tournament gives amateurs the chance to test themselves against professional players and is also a great opportunity to discover the talent of up-and-coming young players. This year’s Coupe de Bronze will see the participation of five teams with players representing six nations. The Ladies Polo Cup (9 – 12 August), will see five teams representing six nations and the return of Lia Salvo to defend her title. 

The 74th Marta & Lucien Barrière Coupe d’Or Teams:

Barriere/Tedelou (16): Isabelle Larenaudie (0), Ramiro Zavaleta (4), Juan Gris Zavaleta (7) & Simon Zavelata (5) 

Eternal J (16): Alexis Morange (0), Louis Jarrige (4), Guillermo Terrera (8) & Julien Reynes (4) 

Los Dragones Bleu (16): Alex Sztarkman (1), Nacho Kennedy (5), Nicolas Corti Madrena (5) & Jota Chavanne (5) 

Los Dragones Rouge (16): Sam Sztarkman (2), Jules Legoubin (3), Bautista Bayugar (8) & Bartolomé Bayugar (4)

Mungo (16): Patrick Eisenchteter (1), Edouard Pan (4), Juan José Storni (5) & Pierre-Henri N’goumou (6) 

Talandracas (16): Édouard Carmignac (0), Rufino Bensadon (7), Juan Martin Zubia (8) & Hugues Carmignac (1) 

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