The Duke of Sutherland Cup is underway at Cowdray: Final to be streamed live on Pololine TV

The Duke of Sutherland Cup, one of the most remarkable tournaments of the polo season in England, kicked off on Tuesday May 23, at the historical Cowdray Park Polo Club, set in Midhurst, West Sussex. The tournament sees fifteen teams up to 18 goals, in pariticipation. Lineups are composed of some of the biggest stars of the sport, such as Pablo and Matías MacDonough, Alfredo Bigatti, Sebastián Merlos, Bautista Bayugar, Dillon Bacon, Charlie Hanbury, Mackenzie Weisz, Louis y Ned Hine, Cruz Heguy, John-Paul Clarkin, Facundo Sola, among others.

The final of the Duke of Sutherland Cup is due on Sunday June 11 and WILL BE STREAMED LIVE ON POLOLINE TV.  

Duke of Sutherland Cup, latest results:

Tuesday May 23

Emlor Black 11-6 Four Quarters Black

Altamira 9-8 Emlor

Wednesday May 24

Limitless/Delaney 9-6 Conosco

Thursday May 25

Great Oaks LL 10-9 White Crane

Friday May 26

Talandracas 7-5 Limitless/Delaney

Sunday May 28

Bel Polo Team 10-9.5 Green Gates

La Irenita 14-5 Trewsbury Farm

Duke of Sutherland Cup – Teams & Fixture

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