The Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad is coming up

The prestigious Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad is due to commence in three weeks time, at Polo Club Gstaad. The tournament will run through August 17-20 in the Swiss club set sourrounded the breathtaking landscape of the Swiss Alps. On this occassion, the competition will see four teams up to 14 goals, in search for the coveted trophy.

It is worth to note that works on the fields, set in the Gstaad/Saanen airfield, started right at the end to the end of the 2022 season, in order to have the grounds in impeccable conditions thoroghout the four days of sport of glamour provided by the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad.

Key dates and numbers of polo in Gstaad:

1995 Polo Club Gstaad is established

1996 The first tournament is organised in Gstaad

2006 Pierre Genecand becomes President of the Polo Club Gstaad

2008 Hublot is named Title Sponsor and the Hublot Polo Gold Cup is born

70 Volunteers working during the four days within the event

120 horses in participation

500 People in attendance to the traditional gala, on Saturday night

6000 Spectators enjoy the event


TEAM HUBLOT: Jürgen Schröder 0, Juan Correa 3, Matías González 4, Martincito Aguerre 7. Total: 14.

TEAM GSTAAD PALACE: Peter Cromm 0, Pedro Fernández Llorente 5, Teo Von Neufforge 5, Segundo Condesse 4. Total: 14.

TEAM KIELDER AGRO GROUP: Cedric Schweri 0, Joao Novaes 5, Tomás Astelarra 3, Frankie Menéndez 6. Total: 14.

TEAM GSTAAD: Sebastien Le Page 0, Facundo Kelly 4, Francisco Fucci 4, Rauli Laplacette 6. Total: 14.


Thursday August 17:

11:30 h: Polo village opens

13:30 h: First league match

15:00 h: Second league match

Friday August 18:

16:00 h: Players parade in the streets of Gstaad

Saturday August 19:

11:00 h: Polo village opens

12:00 h: VIP tent for lunch 

13:30 h: First Semifinal

15:00 h: Second Semifinal

19:30 h: VIP Gala

Sunday August 17:

11:00 h: Polo village opens

12:00 h: Lunch in the VIP tent

13:30 h: Third place match

15:00 h: Final

16:30 h: Awards presentation

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