The I Arena Polo World Cup

On Saturday 6 May, despite the heavy rains which had fallen the night before, The I Arena Polo World Cup Finals were played at La Carona Polo Club. The tournament was jointly organised between the Federation of International Polo (FIP) and the Argentine Polo Association (AAP) and saw six teams compete (USA, France, Austria, Uruguay, Morocco and Argentina).

The first match of the day saw Argentina defeat Morocco 10-2 to take fifth place, while Austria beat Uruguay 7-6 to secure third place, the third and final match of the day was between France and USA to determine the winner. After a tantalising draw in the last chukka, France’s Gaetan Gosset scored the golden goal in an extra chukka to take the 9-8 win and with it the title. 

The I Arena Polo World Cup Final Teams:

France (11): Gaetan Gosset (4), Adrian Le Gallo (4) & Edwin Robineau (3)

USA (12): Jack McLean (2), Jared Sheldon (5) & Miguel Torres (5)  

Photograph: France, winners of The I Arena Polo World Cup.

By Mattias Callejo/Prensa AAP

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