The second edition of the Copa Giuliana in Costa Careyes is set and ready

The second edition of the Giuliana Cup, named after the granddaughter of the founder of Careyes, will be played in Costa Careyes, through January 4 to 8 2024. The tournament will take place in the club’s two grounds, located in the middle of the jungle and overlooking the sea.

The USPA competition will see four teams up to 18 goals in participation, in lineups that include some of the best players of the world, coming from United States, Mexico, Argentina, England and Colombia. Hope Arellano (who was recently raised to 10 goals in Argentina), Hazel Jackson and Milly Hine are among them.

The concept behind this innovative place is to display polo in a first class destination, designed to enjoy and experience a remarkable holiday. Costa Careyes is an exclusive, private community located on the south coast of Jalisco, Mexico, sorrounded by several beaches. It has castles overlooking the ocean, private villages, little houses and bungalows.

Established by Gian Franco Brignone in 1968, this exclusive private beach community, managed by a family, combines the sensuality of the Mediterranean through a unique architecture with the hospitality provided by Mexico. The Careyes community is remarkably beautiful and colorful; the combination of the natural beauty, architecture and the relaxed lifestyle, makes Careyes one of the most coveted destinations in the world.

This destination has developed a three years plan that includes the growth of the sport, with the aim to fullfil their objective: bring the best players and teams.


  • Dundas: Sarah Siegel-Magness, Carol Farnswor, Cuyi Glenny, Hope Arellano.
  • Sela/Quinto Sol: Becky Shaller, Sofia Landa, Andrea Quinter0, Milly Hine.
  • Cuija Polo: Sydney Falk, Katie Falk, Meghan Gracida, Hazel Jackson.
  • Cuadra Atalaya: Nicola Hodges, Coco Sandhu, Kristy Mcbride, Maddie Grant.

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