The Silver Jubilee Cup, held at the Cirencester Park Polo Club (Gloucestershire, England) featured an exhilarating clash between England (Charlotte Pykett, Lottie Lamacraft, Sarah Wiseman, Tamara Fox) and the United States (Malia Bryan, Kylie Sheehan*, Anna Winslow-Palacios, Maddie Grant). In a match that showcased remarkable skill from both teams, it was Pykett who stole the spotlight with a game-winning goal in her debut for England.

USA's Kylie Sheehan and England's Lottie Lamacraft embrace the physicality of the match. ©Tom Reynolds

USA’s Kylie Sheehan and England’s Lottie Lamacraft showcasing the physicality of the match. ©Tom Reynolds

The intense encounter required a chukker of overtime to determine the victor, as neither side managed to gain a decisive advantage throughout the match. A well mounted USA arrived with an impressive array of top-class ponies, generously lent by Nina Clarkin, Ollie Jones, Adolfo Casabal and La Mariposa. The high-quality equines set the stage for a fiercely contested battle between two experienced teams, played on Cirencester’s magnificent grounds.

The first chukker ended tied 1-all, as England managed to take a 4-2 lead by halftime. Kicking off the second half, a comeback by the USA allowed the red, white, and blue to surge ahead 5-4. In the final chukker of regulation, a thrilling exchange of goals resulted in a 6-all tie to force overtime.

USA's Maddie Grant on a breakaway. ©Tom Reynolds

USA’s Maddie Grant on a breakaway. ©Tom Reynolds

With tensions high, the fast-paced action resulted in a penalty for England, but Fox’s attempt went wide, leaving English fans anxious. However, their fears were quickly dispelled when the local team was awarded a Penalty 4. Wiseman stepped up and fired the ball toward the goal, assisted swiftly by a confident backhand from Pykett to secure the 7-6 win for England and ensure the historic Silver Jubilee Cup remained on home soil.

England's Lottie Lamacraft and USA's Kylie Sheehan battle for possession. ©Alice Gipps

England’s Lottie Lamacraft and USA’s Kylie Sheehan battle for possession. ©Alice Gipps

*Kylie Sheehan is Team USPA alumna. Team USPA is a USPA program designed to enhance and grow the sport of polo in the United States by identifying young, talented American players and providing mentored training and playing opportunities leading to a pool of higher rated amateur and pro players and the resultant giveback to the sport of polo.

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