Morocco’s thriving polo scene is set to make a statement as the highly anticipated Mohamed VI International Tournament kicks off this week. Supported by the Royal Federation of Moroccan Polo, the prestigious event will take place in Rabat and Assilah, featuring a total of eight national teams, including the United States.

Team USA enters the tournament with a talented lineup consisting of Nourdean Anakar and Tony Yahyai, alongside Team USPA* alumni Jared Sheldon and Patrick Uretz. Together with Anakar and Yahyai, these players bring a wealth of skill and experience to the competition, embodying the strength and determination of American polo.

The tournament will commence on Monday, May 22, with an opening match at the Polo Club Souissi, in Rabat, where Morocco will face off against Argentina, with the talented U.S. team also taking to the field. The action will then shift north to the renowned PGH La Palmeraie Polo Club, situated between Assilah and Tangier, and owned by the esteemed Patrick Guerrand-Hermes. Finally, the tournament will return to Rabat on Saturday, May 27, where the battle for third place and the highly anticipated final will unfold.

Team USPA alumnus Jared Sheldon. ©Kaile Roos

Team USPA alumnus Jared Sheldon. ©Kaile Roos

Morocco aims to not only showcase itself as a beautiful destination, but also establish its reputation as a rising force in the world of polo. With exceptional infrastructure and top-notch horses, Morocco possesses the potential to become a premier polo destination. His Royal Majesty, Mohamed VI, a passionate polo enthusiast, wholeheartedly supports this endeavor by providing all necessary resources to promote polo among the Moroccan population and the Royal Guard.

As the Mohamed VI International Tournament progresses, the spotlight will be on Morocco and the teams participating, with Team USA poised to make a significant impact. This competition not only highlights the growth of polo in Morocco but also emphasizes the global nature of the sport, as players from various nations come together to showcase their skills and passion for the game.

Team USPA alumnus Patrick Uretz. ©David Lominska

Team USPA alumnus Patrick Uretz. ©David Lominska


United States (4): Nourdean Anakar (0), Tony Yahyai (0), Jared Sheldon (4), Patrick Uretz (4)
Morocco (4): Sidi Mohamed El Mhamdi (2), Ahmed Kadiri (-1), Abdessalam Elhanafi (1), Segundo Fernández Llorente (4)
Argentina (4): Germán Villalba (0), Joaquín Benavidez (1), Emilio Bertolone (2), Edgar Echezarreta (1)
Spain (8): Lorenzo Soriano (1), Juan Torroba (2), Antonio Ayesa (3), Francisco Acosta (2)
Egypt (7): Mohamed Elsewedy (1), Segundo Condessa (4), Marwan Elfandy (1), Mohanad Elfandy (0)
Nigeria (8): Abubakar Abdumalik Bariki (0), Murtala Ahmed Laushi (1), Hamisi Buba (4), Fernando Muñoz (3)
Saudi Arabia (6): Khalid Alomran (0), Rayan Alajaji (0), Ricardo Garrós (5), Santos Iriarte (1)
United Arab Emirates (8): Habtoor Al Habtoor (1), Hernán Pieres (3), Tariq Al Habtoor (1), Juan José Díaz Alberdi (3)

*Team USPA is a USPA program designed to enhance and grow the sport of polo in the United States by identifying young, talented American players and providing mentored training and playing opportunities leading to a pool of higher rated amateur and pro players and the resultant giveback to the sport of polo.

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